How do I learn to trust myself?

You want outside approval because you are not giving yourself that approval. You want outside confirmation, so that you can be a good girl, a good student. You fear doing the wrong thing, not because it would lead you astray, but because that would mean you were a failure, or wrong, and then you would not get outside approval. The desire to receive outside approval … Continue reading How do I learn to trust myself?

The power in surrendering

Surrender is the act of giving up resistance. When you surrender, you give up on resisting your own path, the manifestation of your desires, and you stop resisting your purpose. You allow the path to take you to where you intend to go, however it chooses to do that. You surrender to the moment, and you stop trying to control how that moment unfolds. Surrender … Continue reading The power in surrendering

Dark energy and evil entities – is it real?

There are other dimensions/realities apart from Earth that allows for the experience of fear, yes, and the beings there operate from a mix of fear and love, just like you do here on Earth. What we like to point out, is that regardless of what exists on other planets, no one outside of you has the power to create in your reality. And also, if … Continue reading Dark energy and evil entities – is it real?

The part of science and genetics when incarnating

Q/A: What part do science and genetics play in our explorations? Being predisposed for cancer, through genetics, what does that mean? When you choose your family to incarnate in, you also choose your genes. You choose which genes to copy, and you choose the beliefs and memories that are stored within that DNA. If you want to explore cancer, it would be logical to choose … Continue reading The part of science and genetics when incarnating

New souls and advanced souls

There are new souls being birthed constantly. Source energy is infinite. The energy that is Source, is expanding at all times. When you think or desire something new, you create new energy, called expansion. This energy is not just a desire, it is also pure Source energy. All energy is pure Source energy. As all of Source energy expands in a multitude of ways, this … Continue reading New souls and advanced souls