WORK WITH ME - 1 or 3 months

In order to truly change our beliefs, actions and reactions, we need to practice this through repetition over time. As soon as we play with a new belief, our reality will respond by creating opportunities that challenge and test these beliefs. This is when you either give up and fall back into old patterns, or you solidify your new beliefs. This is when guidance is so beneficial. Which is why I offer containers where we do this work over several calls. 

1 call every week for 1 or 3 months.  This deal also includes Whatsapp support which means you can text me in between calls. 

$400 = 1 month/4 calls.

FREE Online course - New Earth Human

So many of us go through life feeling like we never fit in, like we are too different, or just plain wrong. We struggle our way through daily life, and we feel like we just can’t make it no matter how hard we try. You know why? Because we came in built for a New Earth. 

We came in with heightened sensitivity, with emotional intuition and an ability to connect with the non-physical through our inner senses. We came in with everything needed to live in the higher dimensions.  This means that we are not equipped to live life the old way, through hard work. We are built for vibrational manifestation, using our heightened senses to attune our vibration. We are not built for struggle, but for ease.

So far I have published 2 books. The first one is channeled Q&A format, the second one is 365 daily messages previously posted on Instagram.