Why am I sick?

Health is never a punishment. Sometimes it is planned out by you before you come into this life, but most diseases are a sign of resistance. In a world that is largely disconnected from feelings and what is happening within ones soul, the body is sometimes the only way your being can give you a message. Usually the message is this:

You are loved.
You are enough.
You are worthy.
Everything is working out.
You are safe.
You can survive this.
The load will ease up.
You are loved.

Know that you are good enough. Know that you are always enough. Feel the energy flowing inside of you, breathe into it and know that all is well. All will be well. Nothing can ever go wrong. You can not change anything through worry. There is no need to worry because all will happen for your highest good. Know that all is well. Know that it is not your responsibility to change what is. It will happen anyway. Relax. Please relax.

And you are loved.

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