You are what you seek

Everything you want to be is already alive within you.

Everything you need to be is already there waiting for you. It is waiting for you to allow yourself to be all that you dream of being.

It is all within you, ready to be explored. All you need to do is to allow yourself to perceive it in yourself, so that you can bring it out from the potential state and into your perception.

As you perceive it within yourself you bring it into manifestation in your reality. It was always there, waiting for you to discover and recognize it. Your limited perspective is stopping you from perceiving all these parts of you.

These parts that you wish to be are already parts of your being. You are already it. Allow yourself to bring the unseen potential into your perception of who you are, and you will once again become that which you already are.

You were always enough. You were always that which you desire to be. You are the energy you seek. It is all within. Allow yourself to widen your perception of who you are, so you can truly see all that you are being. In this moment, you are already who you wish to be. The only change you need to make is a change of perception. Change how you see yourself and you will become aware of that which is already within you. You are already there.

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