Energy wants to move, that is its natural state of being. You are energy, constantly moving and expanding, constantly allowing in new energy and letting go of old energy. You allow in new thoughts (energy in) and speak words (energy out). You breathe in, and you breathe out. You create desires, and receive the manifestations of those desires. Feelings come to you, and in the ideal world you feel them, and then let them go, allowing them to float through you. Like all energy, feelings circulate in the great energy of All That Is, and you are simply one part of that great energy. Feelings want to enter you, and then leave again. They were never meant to stay within your field of energy. When you resist something, you attach yourself to it, you cling to it, and you hold on to it. When a negative feeling comes into you field of energy, and you don’t express it and feel it, you resist it. You judge it as wrong, and you judge yourself as wrong for feeling it. This means that the energy has to stay, it gets attached to you. By you denying the feeling, refusing to feel it, you are not letting the negative emotion do its job, which is to signal to you that you have a belief that is limiting you. The energy cannot move on, because it doesn’t get to do its job. You refuse to recognize and acknowledge it, and so the energy stays within you for as long as necessary to get you to feel it. The energy collects in your body, both physically and energetically. The energetic part of it means that every time you experience a triggering of the limiting belief that this is connected to, you re-awaken this same energy. After a while the energy adds up, and you pick at a bigger and bigger wound each time you get triggered. Your vibration is influenced by these feelings that are left unnoticed, and your vibration keeps attracting more of the same energy in order to create more manifestation events to help you become aware of the limiting beliefs, and to help you change the same beliefs. The system is designed to help you, and if you refuse help, the energy will pile up within you, until at some point you explode.

Sitting with the feeling, experiencing it, can be an intense situation. It can be e very physical expression, such as tears, your body wanting to move, to scream. It can be rather a violent expression, especially if you have held these feelings buried within for a long time. Or, if you have been denying these emotions it can be only a subtle reaction, a quiet and insecure whisper of an emotion, wanting to come out but not being sure if it is welcome. Take your time, allow yourself to react in any way and every way that shows up, and don’t judge the reaction as bad or good, right or wrong, too much or too little. Any reaction is normal and appropriate, and everyone will react in their own unique ways.

When you get triggered, when you experience a negative emotion, it is a sign that is there to help you! So, what do you do? First of all, allow the feeling! The feeling is not a punishment, it is not proof that you are bad or weak, it is proof that your system is working. It is proof that your designed reality that is pure love, is trying to help you become who you want to be, and live the life you desire to experience. Negative emotions are signs that you could feel better, live better, experience better. It is a sign that you have more positive potential! Feel the emotion that comes up. Allow it to deliver its message. Through feeling it, you can become aware of the intensity of it. Is it a very negative feeling, or only a slightly negative feeling? Does it feel like you want to kill yourself, or just a bit annoying? If you are used to ignoring and pushing away your feelings, then this sensing could take some practice. If you are used to denying or shutting away your negative feelings, then feeling them now is going to add more negative feelings of shame for even allowing yourself to have these feelings. Accept that, and practice it. You need to get comfortable with the discomfort of having negative emotions, and you need to learn to not judge yourself for the way you feel. Remember, it is a signal, not a judgment! Excavate the nuances of the feeling, and allow yourself to feel it in your body. Simply get used to not trying to push it away, or not resisting that it is there.

Once you are more comfortable, or at least accepting of the fact that the emotion is there, you can start figuring out WHY the feeling is there.

In every situation where you feel a negative emotion, it is because you perceive there to be some judgment of YOU. You judge yourself, or you believe others judge you. It always comes back to your perception of YOU, your perception of self. In most cases there will be several limiting beliefs that gets triggered, and several beliefs that you can process and change. But just start in one end, it doesn’t matter if it is the right one or not, as long as you start somewhere.

Write it down if you feel this is helpful. Just be aware of not falling into the trap of the “Good student”. You won’t change the belief just by writing. This cannot be fixed purely by the intellect. Yes, use your mind and your intellect to understand WHY you feel this way, explaining to yourself what you feel and why you feel this way. Be aware that this is not always logic, feelings are not bound by logic, they appear even without needing to prove their logic to you. You can have contrasting and conflicting beliefs, even if that doesn’t make sens to the logical mind. For instance you might believe you are too loud and too much, and yet you also believe you are too boring. Or you might believe you are too ugly, and yet you also fear looking too cute in case it makes others feel bad or dislike you because you look too good. Your feelings are beyond logic, and your beliefs are both created by feelings and by logical thinking. You cannot change your beliefs without involving both. Just because you write 5 pages about your limiting belief, doesn’t mean you have change it. You need to feel it too, and you will need empirical evidence, actual life experience to change the old beliefs and solidify the new. Writing is a tool to clear your mind, it is not a game-changer in itself, and you cannot change a belief without actually feeling the feelings that are energetically tied into these beliefs.


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