The process of changing your beliefs can be easy, or it can be more on the difficult side. If the belief is fairly new, meaning you don’t have a large amount of empirical evidence to prove it is true, then your belief system will be malleable and open to change. If it is a belief you have carried since childhood, and you have years or decades of experiences “proving” this to be true, then it might take a bit more time and inner work to change it.

The first part of the process is identifying that you have a negative emotion. Negative emotions are signals, sign posts that guide you to the existence of a limiting belief. The negative emotion is telling you that you have one or several beliefs that are limiting your expression of life and your experience of life. This belief is not helpful in your exploration, and it is not aligned with your expression of love. In other words: it is creating pain in your reality, it is holding you back from the things you desire. The awareness of a negative emotion is the first step to changing your life, and it is a signal that many receive every day. The fact is, you are so used to these signals that many of you don’t even register when it is happening. You simply accept it as a natural part of life, and you get so used to it that you tune it out, or take it to be a normal part of your emotional chart. Emotional pain and negative feelings become a part of your everyday life, and your average vibration is one of suffering. You get so used to the negative emotions that you start to tune them out, accepting them as the constant background noise, without ever trying to remove the noise or turn it down.

In addition to this, society frowns upon the expression of fear, the expression of negative emotions. You are not supposed to burden others with your fear, with your anger, with your bad moods, and if you do feel bad, then you are both misbehaving and you are weak and wrong for even feeling it. Feeling negative emotions becomes shameful and proof of you not being good enough, and even more so in spiritual circles where happiness is told to be the “right” state of existence. You “should” be happy, or you are not spiritual, you are not advanced enough, or you are simply a failure for not living by the so-called LOA principles. Once again this leads to more denial of your negative feelings, making you deaf to the inner voice that is constantly trying to guide you to the manifestation of your desires. You tune out the negative emotions, because you believe they are wrong and even worse they make you wrong. You tune out the negative feelings because they “should” not be there, you should not feel them. The result is that you bury your pain, creating even more limiting beliefs, you teach yourself to not listen to your own guiding system, and you create energy that traps itself within your energy-system.


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  1. You could make this into a book – the playbook of life!! ❣️

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