Once you are aware that you have beliefs that limit you, once you know why you feel this way, and you know logically that these beliefs are not true, you can start the process of emotionally detaching from your old beliefs. Your old beliefs may not be beneficial to you, but because you have carried them with you for so long, you feel safe with them. They make life seem more controlled, because even though they make you feel bad, at least you are familiar with how the world looks through this filtered belief. Your perception of yourself and your reality might cause you pain, but at least it is a pain you know! Now that you are trying to change this perception through changing your beliefs, your fear will react and roar its ugly head. The part of you that believes in the old and limiting beliefs, will want to keep those beliefs, because they make you feel safe. Changing your beliefs bring up fear, because YOU are changing, and the world around you changes. You are creating change in an already unsafe world (experienced as unsafe) and so any change is perceived to be a threat. That is OK! It is a process, and you will learn to repeat this process over and over, as you change more and more limiting beliefs. Accept that it is difficult, accept that it takes time and practice, and just keep at it. And please, let go of the self-judgment for not being able to change a decade of beliefs in 2 hours!

As you sit with the emotions and figure out what it is you are feeling, and WHY you feel this way, you will reach a point where you feel some sort of relief. It might be huge or it could be a tiny amount, all depending on how deep the wound goes. Long held beliefs take more than an hour to change, and so the big feeling of relief might not happen. But there will be a lighter feeling once you hit the spot, once you find the core to this level of your belief. Keep in mind that as your vibration rises, you will get to attack the same beliefs over and over again, from different perspectives, so you will probably see this belief again in a different coat. When you feel a lightning of the load, or a sense of relief, enjoy that feeling! Allow it to fill you, and let the tension leave your body. The energy is now moving, and the relief is the sense of the movement of the negative energy exiting your field of energy. It is the feeling and the sense of energy flowing, of energy once again circulating through you. The negative energy can leave as it has filled its purpose, and the feeling and energy of relief/peace/joy comes to take its place. Energy is once again moving, and you feel better.


1. Awareness: be aware of what you are feeling. If/when you feel a negative emotion, dive into it with curiosity.

2. Curiosity and analysis: why do you feel this way? What is the limiting belief(s) that causes this feeling?

3. Still feeling: as you feel the negative emotion, feel for what creates a different nuance. If it suddenly hurts more, you have found the limiting belief. Circle around until you sense a spike in your feeling, and allow yourself to truly feel it without trying to make it go away. Accept that you feel this.

4. Know that you feel bad because the belief is incorrect, it is an illusion: explain to yourself WHY this is not true. This step is a bridge to your beneficial beliefs. In explaining why these illusions are not true, you will list beneficial beliefs to counter your negative and limiting ones.

5. Focus on the beneficial beliefs: feel the relief in knowing your beneficial beliefs are true, and the limiting ones are simply illusions. If you do not feel relief, you just need more time and practice before you really believe that the limiting beliefs are not true. You might need more arguments to persuade yourself, or you might need more empirical evidence, or you just need more time to allow the feeling to leave the body. If you are working on a deep set belief, you need to allow some time before the feeling is fully processed. It took you decades to adopt and nourish these beliefs, which means there is a lot of energy stored within you to process. This could take hours or it could take days.

Again: remember that this is a process. Life will give you several opportunities to practice your new beliefs, allowing you situations where you get to choose to hang on to your old limiting beliefs or to choose your new empowering ones. Sometimes you fall into the old way of thinking, and you just need to repeat the process. This is not failure, this is practice. You need to practice thinking in the new way, to actually believe the new beliefs. An important part of this is to be present enough in the moment to feel those new beliefs. The mind is an excellent partner, and can help you logically understand the reasons why the new beliefs are true. But you need to feel these new beliefs in order to truly cement the new knowledge, in order to actually change your vibration.


To learn that you are worthy, when you feel unworthy, is not enough to change your vibration. To read it in a book does not mean that you have instantly changed your belief, it just means you have received a new thought, a new possibility for a belief. You need to tell yourself that you truly are worthy, and feel what that means to you.

Feel for the feeling of love, of being good enough, of accepting yourself. And if you don’t know what that feels like, find a feeling similar, as close as you can. Maybe you know what it feels like to love a pet, so feel that, and think about how you are just as valuable and worthy of love as the cat. Go over your reasons for why you are unworthy, tell yourself again, in detail, why that is not true. Go over your reasons for why you are worthy, and feel within you for how that feels. Does it feel true or like a lie? Does it feel fake? If so, go easy on yourself, and find a less positive belief. Use incrementally more and more positive statements to climb your way up. Create beliefs that are believable, even if they are slightly negative. If you can’t believe that you are good enough, can you at least believe you are not horrible? Then maybe believe you are no worse than most people? Climb your way up, step by step, even if one step takes you months. And always take time to sense within yourself how you feel. Do the new beliefs feel true, or do you still doubt? Address the doubt, don’t just pretend to gloss over it. If you don’t feel it and address it, you cannot change it. You cannot change what you will not acknowledge as yours.


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