You have now reduced one or several limiting beliefs, and you feel better. You feel the relief of getting rid of the emotional pain of the limiting belief, and you feel a reduction in fear. Now what? Now you create new, empowering beliefs, to fill the gap of what you left, to help you feel better about yourself, and perceiving your reality in a more positive light and from a higher perspective. Why do you need to create a new belief, you might wonder. Why not just leave it as it is? You can of course leave it as it is. But when you leave a void, energy is attracted to fill that gap. And you as the addict, the one addicted to your old negative belief, will seek to fill it with similar energy, another limiting belief. That is your option of course, but it makes the recovery and the healing process much slower. The better way is to create new and empowering beliefs, to replace the negative ones, so that you can use these beliefs to pull yourself up on the vibrational ladder. You are creating a supportive network for yourself, a guide for you to help you with your further healing and expansion. The more secure you are in your beneficial beliefs, the more positively you will affect the other connected limiting beliefs. The topic you have just cleared is now cleared at this, current, level, but you still have many other limiting beliefs connected to this one. What we suggest is that you create powerful beneficial beliefs on this specific topic, and this new belief will then influence the other limiting beliefs you have, allowing for the higher perspective to change also those beliefs over time.

Once again, use the ladder to create beneficial beliefs that feel true to you. State the new beliefs for yourself, and feel for resistance to these sentences. For instance “I am worthy”. Probably a meaningless sentence, isn’t it? It is a wonderful idea, but very diffuse and fleeting to most people.

“I am good enough, just as I am”.

“I am just as good as everyone else.”

“I have the same right to express myself as everyone else”.

“I can accept that even when I make mistakes, I am still good enough”.

These sentences still include the illusion that you can make mistakes. This is because most humans still believe very strongly in the idea of making mistakes. In order to create a belief that allows you to feel good enough, that helps you to accept yourself, you need to make it into a belief that is, well, believable. If you say “I am just as good as all the angels and God” that might feel like a stretch if you still see yourself as too loud or too much. But to tell yourself that everyone is too loud sometimes, will feel more like truth. And in this way you trick yourself into accepting yourself, building new beliefs that make you feel better about being who you are right now, rather than just demanding that you be perfect before you can accept yourself. Aiming for perfection is not necessarily the best way to go for someone who feels unworthy, because the leap is too big. But understanding that perfection is a moving target, and uniquely perceived, is a very good start to accepting yourself. The important thing is that you move in the direction of a beneficial belief, and still making the steps small enough that they feel true. It doesn’t matter that you understand it intellectually, if the feeling is not also there. The head can understand, but if you still feel unworthy in your heart, the head can scream and still not be heard. The feeling will always be heard more loudly and clearly, over any reasoning or logic from the head. If you feel bad, it doesn’t matter that a book tells you that you are good. The feeling part of you never lies, it will always reveal your true beliefs.

The beneficial beliefs help remind you that the limiting beliefs are false and illusions. They allow for your logical mind to have key points to link your identity to. They give you a feeling of security, as you now have reasons to WHY you don’t need to limit yourself.


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