If you think you have changed your beliefs, but the same manifestation event keeps coming back and triggering the same negative feelings, then you clearly haven’t changed your beliefs. It doesn’t matter how much you have journaled or how adamantly you insist on your change, if the manifestations still trigger you, you still hold on to that limiting belief. OR you have similar limiting beliefs that affect that same fear, and you need to change those before you can fully let go of your fear. Every belief is tied into and connected to many others, and as soon as you start changing one belief, the Universe will guide you to the next one. Try to not be discouraged by this, and understand that it is a continuous process, and every feeling needs to be recognized and owned before you can heal. If you ignore the feeling, telling yourself you should not feel this, and that you have already dealt with this, then the manifestation will just come back even stronger, because this is how the Universe works. Everything is designed to help move you closer to love, and to let go of fear, and denying your pain never works. Awareness is key in the healing process, and accepting the way you feel is absolutely necessary.

If you cannot accept the way you feel, you will never fully accept yourself, the one who feels. Shaming your feelings means you also feel shame for feeling them, which is another limiting beliefs, and this is a sure way to create more emotional pain.

When you create new beneficial beliefs, beliefs that are within the vibrational range of something you can feel is true, you will manifest new opportunities to practice these beliefs. These manifestation events will poke the old wound, and allow for you to enforce the new belief. Do this enough, and you can create even more empowering beliefs, building on the foundation you have created from accepting that you had limiting beliefs, and then letting go of those and replacing them with neutral or slightly positive beliefs. It is a process, and it needs repetition in order for you to fully buy into the new beliefs. It needs repetition and feelings, because the new feelings are powerful energies creating new energetic imprints within the energy that is you. You are literally letting go of fear and replacing that with love, different nuances of love depending on how positive your new beliefs are. This is not only an intellectual process, working with your beliefs, but an actual energetic process where you let go of fear (often described as darkness) and allow in more love (described as light). This change creates a new vibration, and the new vibration is a new energy composition, it is new beliefs, new feelings, new perceptions of yourself and your reality. The new vibration will attract a different and new mix of manifestations in your outer reality, as the outer reality is a constant result of your vibration.

When you no longer hold the same fear, because you have let go of one or several limiting beliefs, you will not be triggered by those events that once triggered you. They may still occur from now and then, because of the remnants in your vibration, but when you are no longer attached to them energetically, they will at some point just fade away. When you react with an emotion to something, this is an energetic attachment, an energetic bond to the manifestation. It is like a string of energy from within you, that reaches out to the outside reality and attracts an emotional match. Meaning: a match that will create that specific emotion in YOU. The emotional reaction can be different to everyone, so your manifestations will be uniquely tailored to provoke you. But when you let go of the limiting belief that triggered this specific fear, you also detach energetically. There is no longer an energetic bond between that feeling in you and that event, because it doesn’t trigger fear in you anymore. There is no longer a match in vibration because it doesn’t trigger that feeling within you. The energetic bond is dissolved by your emotional detachment, and there is no vibration to hold it in your reality.

Creating a new beneficial belief is not only going to make you feel better, it is also going to attract its match in your outside reality. You now have a clean slate where the detachment to the negative manifestation allows that to flow out of your reality, and then your beneficial belief is going to be the energetic cord that now attracts its match into your reality. You are attracting a manifestation that is a match to the energetic feeling of your new belief, creating and attracting more things that match the good feelings of the new belief. Your appreciation of these new and positive manifestations, is the bond, the attachment that keeps these manifestations in your reality.

Once you feel better, you create a better feeling reality, and your reality makes you feel even better. You raise your vibration, and this helps you to notice more clearly the next negative emotion, the signal that YOU are sending to yourself, so that you can let go of more illusions that limit you, and move closer to the life you desire. Everything in this game is created to help you move towards the wanted, towards joy, towards love. Everything is created for you, for you to live in love, to be the love that you are, and to know yourself as love. The energy of Source, of Love, wants only the best for you, and YOU can create that, if you are willing to do the inner work. Willing or not, the Universe is intent on helping you expand.

Every time life gives you an opportunity to practice or change your beliefs, take it and then just do your best. Don’t judge your performance. Take note of it yes, analyze it, but try to not judge yourself as wrong or bad or a failure for not yet having changed your belief. It takes time. It takes practice. And don’t compare yourself to others. You cannot know how deeply their beliefs are buried, how much they have practiced these beliefs, and even if they tell you that they have changed, you cannot know if that is true. They could have changed, they could be fooling themselves and denying the feelings, or they could struggle and be embarrassed you know about their struggles. It doesn’t matter what others do or how they change, only YOU matter in this. Practice your new beliefs, notice if you still believe in the old ones, and just repeat your process, over and over until the new ones stick, and the old beliefs are reduced.

As you change your beliefs, your outside reality will change too, in order to reflect your inner changes. But be aware that what feels like a huge shift within you, may not create a massive shift outside, right in an instance. The physical reality is always the last to change, and due to the illusion of time continuity, you only allow yourself to change as much as you believe it is possible or likely to change. See, once again your beliefs are tied into other beliefs, one affecting the other. Accept that the outer reality might lag behind, and that the enormous inner change you just felt, is reflected in a slightly wider smile or one more nice compliment from a friend, rather than suddenly winning the lottery and being Miss Universe all in one day. The changes that you make within, will affect your future in so many more ways than you can imagine from where you are today. It will change, but you cannot predict those changes from where you are today, so just allow life to show you, incrementally, you have changed. And understand that many beliefs work together, so you might need to change more than just one, in order to get the result you desire. It is an ever ongoing process, and it can only be mastered through practice. The more you practice the process of changing your beliefs, the easier it gets and the better you get at it.

Change your beliefs, change your reality from within, and create the life beyond your wildest dreams. But you cannot cheat the Universe, you cannot cheat your soul. Pretending to believe is very different from actually changing your beliefs. And theoretical knowledge is very different from feeling and truly knowing. Be honest with yourself, and make real changes. You are worth it.


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