Shame is a burden you put on yourself. Shame is useless except as self-punishment. It is a way of controlling yourself through pain, except it doesn’t control yourself, it just makes you try to control yourself. When you feel shame it is because you think a part of you is wrong and bad. You seek to hide this part from others, so as to keep their love, to not have to lose their love.

What you need to understand is that there is never any loss, just as there is never anything that you can own. You can never own anything, love or material objects. They appear in your reality because you are a match to them, and as soon as you are no longer a match they disappear. You labeling them as owned by you does not defy your vibration. If you are not a match you will “lose” the item whether or not you call it yours. That is why both the label of owning and losing does not make sense, as all things are only there temporarily, on loan so to speak, due to your vibration.

You can regulate your conditions to the degree you can regulate your vibration, but that is also all it is.

Losing love is impossible as you never owned it in the first place.  If you can also remember that you are love, and that all love is Source and all love comes from Source, you can see that the love given to you by a partner or a friend, is simply love being channeled to you from Source, so you can get it from anywhere as long as you are vibrationally matching this love. This love is not depending on your partner to be there to give it to you. If you are a match to love you will receive it one way or another, not depending on what other people believe or feel for you. Other people do not control you receiving love, only you control the amount of love you feel at any time. Unlimited love is always flowing to you, unlimited amounts at all time, but you can choose to receive parts of it or all of it, it is all up to you. No one else can decide this for you, only you can decide for you.

When you feel shame, you cut off a part of the love you receive. This is painful. As well as cutting off the flow of love, you also add pain in the form of anger and rejection of yourself. When you reject a part of you, you reject all of you. You cannot simply love parts off you, you are a whole creation and all of you are in every part of you. You must accept all of you, as all of you is you and all of you is Source. All of you is good and all of you is love, just as all of Source is love, and all of you is Source and Source is in all of you. This oneness within you and every part of you, equaling the oneness in Source and your part in Source, means that when you reject a part of you, calling a part of you wrong, you are calling you wrong, and Source wrong. You are calling all creation, all love, wrong, for you are all and all is you. Do you see the magnitude of your shame? You must find within yourself the strength to see all of you as good. You are an inseparable part of the whole, of Source, of Love, and all that is. As Source and All that is, is love and good, so are you and all of you. No part can be separated from the whole.

When you try to control this part of you, hiding it and resisting it, you are trying to cut away a part of life, a part of the Light of all that is. This pain will grow and at one point be unbearable. You either leave your body and return to see that all of you is indeed good and love, in the non-physical, or you must accept while in the body, to see that all of you, being inseparable from the whole, and as all is good and all is love, you are also, all of you good and love.

You must let go of shame, you must stop resisting any part of you as the whole, you must accept all of you as good, and see that you are part of the whole, being Love and Light. All of you is Love and Light, no part can be separated, no part needs to be hidden and no part can be shamed. Shame is an illusion that holds no ground in the picture of all that is. It is not possible to shame Love. You need not hide any part of you for it is all good. Only the illusion of fear, of being wrong, of being less than enough, can give you the feeling of shame. You must see through it and accept that you are Love. All of you is love. No part can be hidden if you are to live as the Light. No part must stay in the dark. No part must be rejected.

Shine your light on all parts within you, and see that it is all good. So you will also see, once your light shines without, that all without is also all good.


Spiritual Guide


  1. Thank you for discussing shame. I feel like it is not a popular topic, because people feel ashamed to be ashamed – oh the irony. This is really valuable information.

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