I have always been full of fear, very sensitive and emotional, and struggled with low self esteem.  I started sharing my story through a blog, just to feel better.  I started channeling in 2017, and used the blog and Facebook as a platform to share the messages I received. Then I wrote my first book, all channeled (link below).

In 2019 I did my first verbal channeling, recorded it and posted on Facebook. A few months later I started my first Course, in the role as Teacher/Guide.

The messages are mostly focused around worthiness, self love, and self empowerment, as that has been the deep struggle for me my whole life. How we perceive ourselves is reflected in our outside reality, which means that what you believe about yourself literally controls and creates your life. 

“My intention is to Empower You!To make it easier for you to navigate your reality, to help you truly understand how amazing you are, to guide you to create the life of YOUR dreams… I want to empower you to be the version of you that is happy, confident, excited to be alive, curious to explore life, and deeply satisfied with who you are..

Thank you for being here!

Love, Astrid”

As a channel, what I receive is filtered through my own beliefs. That means that the messages are influenced by the human Astrid. It will never be 100% pure. It is simply a perspective.  Take what feels like truth to you and leave the rest.

My current courses can be found on HERE, both online only courses and courses with Live Channeling calls on Zoom. I also do Private Channeling Sessions.

My book “First Book of Laurel: Knowing You” can be found on Amazon, kindle and paperback.

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