All your manifestations are coming from love. You are love, and you have created this in order to live in the experience of love. If there is something that triggers fear in you, that situation is here to help you change your beliefs and let go of the fear. It is all mean to help you towards more love! Acceptance of what is allows you to let go of resistance so that you can see more clearly what the conditions tell you to change. 

Your perspective is key in how you experience your reality. The reality does not need to change, you need to change your perspective and your perception of yourself and the conditions. That doesn’t mean that you can’t change your conditions, because often the inner change goes hand in hand with outer change. But you have to focus on changing the within first. If you try to change the reflection, you will keep re-creating the same situation in a different shape, as your vibration has not changed. Always focus on the inner change, and that change starts by accepting what is, and letting go of resisting the current conditions. 

Remember that as you change your beliefs, new opportunities (and new fears) will open up for you! Keep on moving forward, and allow the flow of life to move you towards your next step. You don’t need to know where you are going or what is around the next corner, you only need to take the step that is right in front of you. Every step you take will shape your potential, and allow you to see yourself from a new perspective. Use your current reality as a stepping stone towards your dreams, taking the step that is right in front of you. 


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