What is the message from the butterfly?

You saw her. She was trying to get out to freedom, but her aim was too low. She kept butting against the glass railings. Once she looked up and aimed high enough she was able to fly free of the glass, into the big world.

If you aim too low, you don’t get high enough to reach over your limitations. If you don’t aim high enough you will never fly, only keep on crawling forward. If you wish to fly, if you intend for freedom, you must aim higher. Set your sights to the top of your imagination, and then allow for the path to take you above that. Know that you will go higher than you can imagine now, and the heights you reach will not take you by surprise.

Be prepared for the steep ascension into the you that is already there waiting for you, and you will start to vibrate in tune with her. The part of you that is already up there, is signaling back to the you that you are today. The vibrational calling is felt within you, and you have a conscious choice to follow that calling or not. The calling brings up fear, but that path is where your freedom lies. Your soul wants to fly, not to crawl. Don’t create dreams and desires you can crawl to. Create desires that forces you to fly, because they are so high you cannot reach them with your feet still on the ground. You were meant for flying, not for crawling. But you must let go. You must be willing to let go of what is holding you down. You must let go of the safety that doubts and limitations bring you. You must let go of the feeling of comfort that isolation provides. You must jump into the perceived danger of being naked, and you must show your soul to the world fearlessly and with fierceness. You cannot fly with all these strings attached to you, tying you down to mediocrity and normalness. You cannot fly with a heavy sack of regrets and self blame attached to your back. You must let go of all you were in the past, and only look ahead to who you will be. You must let go of the shadow you were, so that you can step into the light you are destined to be. You cannot be both the shadow and the light. You must make your choice.

No one came here for mediocrity. You all came to fly.


Spiritual Guide

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