Aligning to Abundance


The power to experience abundance is a vibration within YOU. You are the vibration of abundance that gets reflected back to you in your outside reality.  

 In order to experience the abundance manifested in your outside world, you must first increase the frequency of your abundance vibration. Abundance is your natural state of being, and if you are not experiencing abundance, it means something within you (a belief) is vibrating at a more powerful frequency than your natural state of abundance. In order to change this, you have to figure out what those limiting beliefs are, and then change those beliefs. In other words: remove the blocks to abundance, and you will fall back into your natural state of being and experiencing abundance.  

 Abundance is a frequency. This frequency is then translated into an experience through your feelings. You can live an abundant life, yet experience lack. You can carry both the frequency of abundance and lack within you, and your beliefs will determine which frequency is translated into your experience. Your experience of abundance is therefore determined by your beliefs, and by your choice of perception. Your beliefs can enhance your abundance vibration, or enhance your lack vibration, as they are both expressions of the same energy, two polarities of the same energy.  

 What kind of abundance is it you seek? Do you want an abundance of time? Do you want an abundance of freedom? Or do you want an abundance of friends, with less alone time? Do you want an abundance of exciting experiences, or an abundance of peace? Or do you desire an abundance of stillness, to just be? Abundance is an experience that you create within, not depending on the outside conditions. Everyone has slightly different definitions and experiences of what abundance means, and how they want it to manifest. It is important for you to become aware of what abundance means to you, and how you want it to manifest. If you are not aware, you will not recognize it when it arrives. If you truly desire an abundance of freedom, but believe that this has to come as more money, then you will not recognize that freedom when you lose your job, as you are looking for a steady supply of money to make you feel abundant. What you truly desire is time to do what you love, and losing your job is one way of manifesting that. If you believe that what you desire is higher pay for your job, in order to be able to spend money more freely, then you will not recognize the blessing when it arrives. It is so easy to fall into the trap of choosing others’ definition of abundance and automatically assume that what you desire is money, but money is only a tool to create what you truly desire. Money in itself is just a transactional value that humans have started to worship in the belief that the power of happiness is in this transaction.  

 Money is the most obvious manifestation of abundance. Money is a tool that allows you to take control of your reality. Or so it seems. With enough money you can buy your way out of situations that trigger fear in you, such as not being able to pay rent, not being able to go out with your friends, not be able to get your children new clothes or toys. Money can solve all of that, right? Money can buy you a nice house that will make you feel like you matter. Money is often the result of a good job, meaning a job that society values as important, therefore if you have a lot of money you must be important too.  

 Money gives the impression of power, but what it is, is control. True power is found in inspiration, and control is a result of fear. Money gives you control, and is very often a tool used to try to escape your fear. Like all tools, the tool itself can only reflect the vibration of the one using it. If you are using money as a means to control your reality because you feel fear, then money will create more opportunities to explore that fear, very often through the lack of money. The sensation of control that money provides, is an illusion. You are placing the power in something outside of yourself, on money, which only feeds into the feeling of YOU being powerless. When power is given to something other than yourself, that power (money) can always be taken away from you. Many people try to counter this by hoarding even more money, and so life turns into a battle for money, trying to gather enough money to feel safe about the future, trying to gather enough tools to feel in control of the future. Once again, an illusion.  

 Most people try to control their surroundings in order to feel safe. When you as a human feel fear, your first thought is to try to control your outside reality. You try to control other people, and you try to control the physical conditions in order to feel safe. When money is your tool to feel safe, you create the fear of lack of money, fear of not having your tool of control. How can you let go of this fear of lack? By experiencing what you perceive as lack and then experiencing that it didn’t kill you. That what you feared, turned out to be an illusion. By experiencing it and seeing how there was truly nothing to fear. By experiencing your nightmare and discovering that YOU and your choice of perspective is what creates either an experience of suffering, or one of love. If you lose your job, lose your income, how do you manage? If you are suddenly without a job, what do you do? You go within and do the thing you have always wanted to do, but that everyone told you you couldn’t do.  

When you have lost the one thing that made you feel safe, the salary from your job, you are suddenly forced to create the life that you have always dreamed of. You start working for joy rather than for that salary, and you start creating abundance of more than just money. Or, if you cannot change your perspective, you create a time of struggle and experiences of lack, where you manifest what your vibration has created for you based in your feelings of lack. Most humans are too strong, and too deep into the belief of being victims, that they will not give up the struggle and the pain until they have nowhere else to turn.  

What is the easiest and most common way to get a human to turn to spirituality? What is the most efficient way to get a human to start looking for more than just the material pleasures? Pain. Emotional pain, physical pain, fear, a life trauma. When humans get pushed to the edge, beyond what they feel they can endure, they finally surrender and turn to the higher power. They start looking for something beyond the newest car and the biggest house. When you experience lack despite doing everything right, you are forced to look elsewhere. When the illusion of security in something outside of yourself, such as a job, is revealed as the illusion it is, you are forced to create that security from within yourself 

You go from illusion to truth, because the conditions force you to. When you experience lack in your outside reality, when you fears have manifested into real life, where do you go? You go within, because the outside world can no longer save you. You force yourself to create abundance from your own inner power, because the illusion of power and security outside of yourself is crumbling. 

From the experience of lack, the desire for abundance is created. From experiencing what you have always feared, you learn that you are more powerful than that which you feared. Through living your fear, and overcoming it, you are able to see that your fears were based in illusions, and the only thing you feared was fear itself. From lack rises the creation of abundance, once you find the true source of your abundance: the power within YOU. 


Money is a tool, it only has the value that you give it. Money has no power, the power to manifest is in YOU, not in the money. The tool can only ever reflect the vibration that is already found within you. If you want to feel safe, create that feeling without money, so you can become aware that the power to create is in you, not in the tool you use in the outside reality. You don’t need to control your reality, because you are so powerful that you can expand and thrive in any conditions. But you must start to trust yourself and your creative powers, and stop trying to make money create the feeling that you so desire to experience. Creation must come from you. Money is not power, you are. Money can only reflect the vibration that is already within you.  


  • How does it feel to you to not be in control? 
  • What makes you feel safe and what makes you feel unsafe? 
  • What kind of abundance is it you want, and why do you feel that is lacking in your current experience? 
  • If you had to take money out of the equation, how could you create the thing you desire in your current reality? (if you want freedom, but don’t have the money to leave your job, how could you create the feeling of freedom without leaving your job?)


Abundance is you discovering what you really want. Throughout life, you’re going to create many desires and you probably have many desires right now. Most of those desires are the desire for a substitute to love. You may desire money in order to gain freedom, or you may desire money in order to get time. You may desire money in order to buy the things that make you feel attractive. You may desire money so that you can get a house to make you feel safe. You may desire money just so that you can have something in the bank and feel safe, so that you don’t have to deal with manifestation events in the future. That is what you think.  

 And that is why we say the process of attracting abundance is discovering what you truly want. When you desire this substitute, when you desire an abundance of money, or you desire an abundance of time or an abundance of freedom, usually the way that you think about creating that freedom is again using the tool of money. When you desire money, you desire abundance in the form of money or financial aid, however you want to call it. That desire is you interpreting your soul intention in a human way. And that desire for abundance, for money, is what is going to allow you to manifest either very little money or a lot of money. If you manifest very little money, it’s a wake up call to get you to understand what you really want, that what you really want is a sense of safety, a sense of freedom to have more time in your life. You desire to be able to do what you really want, what really lights you up. If you manifest a lot of money, you’re going to experience that it’s fantastic at first, and then it just leaves you feeling empty, that the money didn’t give you what you truly desired.  

 The experience of manifesting money, manifesting abundance, is always going to be the journey of discovering what you really want. Because the outside experience of abundance outside of you can only ever come once you find inner abundance. And that inner abundance is what you truly desire; that inner abundance is simply you being you. You call it abundance. But what you really want is to discover yourself, it is to know yourself. You want to live in outside conditions that make you feel good, because feeling good allows you to tap into the part of yourself that is your true essence. What you think you want is to manifest conditions that don’t trigger you. That is definitely not what you want from a soul perspective. You want to use your desires to motivate you enough to put yourself in scary situations so that you can let go of fear and discover who you really are.  

 Your quest for outside abundance is going to give you the opportunity to discover true abundance. That inner abundance simply means being in alignment with yourself, discovering who you really are. Your true state of being is joy, bliss, love. Abundance in that sense just means enjoying who you are, because when you enjoy who you are, you’re going to enjoy life. Having everything you want or need is enjoyable in that moment. That abundance in your outside conditions is going to manifest more and more, the more that you tune into and become aligned with your true self.  

 Wanting abundance is simply wanting to discover who you really are and then aligning yourself with that. The outside conditions that make you feel abundant are simply reflecting a sense of being in alignment with yourself.  

 That is what you really want, but it’s OK to desire outside abundance because that desire is a part of your journey to discovering who you really are. 


You are always creating abundance through your vibration. You energy is conscious energy vibrating at a certain overall frequency. That overall vibration is created from many, many individual strings of energy vibrating at millions of different frequencies. Your vibration is a melody created by a million unique and different notes. Everything you create is a match to this vibration. You are always providing yourself with everything that you need, in order to explore the consciousness that is you, and in order to expand that consciousness that is you. If you experience a lack of money, that lack is a reflection of a vibration within your consciousness. That vibration is reflected in your outside reality through the experience you are having due to your perception. The outside shapes itself as an answer to the vibration you are holding, and due to your perspective you perceive the outside to be in alignment with your perception of self. Your experience is in alignment with your perception of self and of your reality because you filter your perception and create your experiences through your perspective. Your perspective has been created from your beliefs, and so everything you experience will always be guiding you to your awareness of your own vibration.  

If you experience lack, that is what you need to experience in order to become aware of what you are believing, what you are perceiving, what you are creating through your vibration. If you do not enjoy that experience, you need to change your beliefs, your perception, your perspective and your vibration. You get to choose whatever you want to live and experience, it is all up to you. The outside world and your feelings and emotions are constantly showing to you what you are vibrating, and providing you with the necessary lessons for what needs to change if you want to experience something else.  

You are always provided with the ingredients and the lessons to experience whatever you want. Your flow can steer you towards the experience of lack, or towards the experience of abundance. There is no moral judgment on this flow or this experience, it is all a matter of preference. If you desire to experience abundance but your beliefs of scarcity, efforting or unworthiness is vibrating more powerfully than the frequency of abundance and ease, your life will provide you with lessons in which you can actively participate in order to change your vibration so you can steer the flow of energy in a different direction.  

Participating in the lessons means to accept what is. It means to stop resisting what life is teaching you, and instead immerse yourself into the experience with curiosity and openness. Once you accept the experience you can understand what beliefs need to change within you, in order to attract a different experience. Actively changing your beliefs through processing fears and limiting beliefs, and taking action on your new and positive beliefs, will change your vibration gradually towards the flow that you desire to be a part of. 

Every time you choose to take action from your new belief, you enforce your new belief through proving to yourself that this is what you desire to experience. You have to choose the new belief and put energy into this even before the outside reality can provide you with evidence of how it is valid. You have to be willing to believe in your own power as the creator, before the creation is evident to you. You have to create from within, with your energy, and start believing in that creation before it has manifested. That means you have to start feeling abundant in the midst of your experience of lack. You have to take the ingredients of you current situation, your current experience of lack, and create an experience of abundance or at least neutrality. Your willingness to change perspective allows your experience to change. When you experience changes it is a sign that your vibration is changing. You have to keep doing this regardless of the outside result, understanding and solidifying to yourself and the Universe, that you are the creator of your reality, and that creation happens from within.  

When you desire abundance, ask yourself if you are trying to escape your current experience. Are you trying to run away from how you feel now, by trying to manifest abundance because you are now experiencing lack? If you are trying to escape your current reality, then you still have resistance to the current lesson. As long as you resist what is, you will keep re-creating it. The lesson in your current circumstances is what you need in order to shift into more of what you desire. You cannot escape the lesson, so as long as you resist what is, you will have to stay in it. The only way out of this is to start accepting the current conditions, while creating a feeling of abundance DESPITE what the outside conditions are reflecting.  


Your outside reality is there to teach you what you need to learn, for you to become a match to your desires. If you want great abundance, you need to stop being afraid of lack. Your outside conditions are always providing the lessons that you need at that exact moment. By embracing the current conditions you can understand the lessons, and expand beyond your fears. Cultivate the experience you desire, regardless of the conditions. Don’t let the conditions control how you feel, but create what you want to see from within.  


  • What do your current conditions tell you about your vibration and how you see yourself? 
  • How abundant do you feel now? 
  • What does it mean to you to be abundant, what does abundance provide you with if you were to define it as a feeling?  
  • How can you create that feeling now, knowing that abundance is simply a state of being?  


 Any experience of lack is a gift. It truly is a gift. And no, it may not feel like a gift when when you are in that experience, but your experience of lack is a catalyst for you to understand your own power. To understand that you are the creator, and it all must be sourced from within.  

When you are experiencing any kind of lack, that points you to a need that is unfulfilled. There is an experienced need within you that is unfulfilled, there is something within you that you need that you are unwilling or unable to give to yourself. The outer lack, the lack of abundance, the lack of money, the lack of resources, is simply reflecting the lack that you experience within yourself. And we say experience because everything that you need can be found within you. Everything you need is within you, but it requires you to focus on that need, to feel the need, and to be willing to give to yourself what you need. It all must come from you.  

If there are parts of you that you judge is wrong or bad, if you are unwilling to give to yourself or to that part, if you’re unwilling to listen to the needs of that part because you believe the need is bad, then you’re going to experience lack.  

For instance, everything that you desire is always the expression of love. Abundance is a feeling. A frequency of vibration that is going to be transmitted and created, manifested in your reality as something that you desire. If you desire an abundance of freedom, that is what is going to manifest once you tune into that frequency of abundance. If you desire an abundance of money, that is what you’re going to manifest when you tune into that frequency of abundance. Your definition of abundance is unique to you.  

When you desire something and you’re not giving it to yourself, that is going to manifest and be felt as lack. You have a need that you’re not fulfilling that is going to manifest in your outside conditions as some kind of lack. For many, it manifests as a lack of abundance, a lack of money. What does this mean? It means that you have a need within yourself that you are not fulfilling. Why are you not fulfilling this? Because you judge the need as wrong and because you judge that it’s wrong to fulfill the need when the need is wrong in itself.  

For instance, if you desire money in order to feel loved, in order to feel appreciated, you see money as someone valuing you. You desire to be paid more than you’re now being paid. You desire that abundance in the shape of money because that represents approval and appreciation to you. Right now, you are experiencing a lack, so you’re receiving less money than you desire. That lack is a representation, a reflection of the lack that you are experiencing within yourself. That lack comes from your need of appreciation, the need to be valued, the need to feel appreciated, the need to feel loved. You have a need that you are unwilling to fulfill within yourself.  

Why are you unwilling to give yourself the love and appreciation that you so desperately need and crave? Well, possibly because someone told you that you’re not good enough, or you’re not worthy of being loved. If you experienced rejection as a child or as a young adult, that rejection was interpreted by you to to mean that you’re not worthy of love, you’re not good enough to be loved. You believe people rejected you because you’re not worthy of love. And so you adopted that belief and you’re now withholding your own love from yourself. As a way of being right and being good, you’re adopting that belief, you integrated it and made it and made it your own. You have the need to be loved, to be approved of, but you’re unwilling to fulfill that need to yourself because you have adopted someone else’s belief that you are not good enough, that you are not worthy of love. If you didn’t adopt it from them, you created it within yourself based on the experience that you had, the experience of rejection. Either way, you have a belief within yourself that you are not worthy of love and so you withhold your own love from yourself. You have a need for love, and you’re unwilling to receive your own love, and at the same time you’re unwilling to give your love to yourself.  

You have an experience of lack within you, a need that is unfulfilled by yourself, that manifests in your outside reality as an experience of lack. If you desire money as a way of feeling safe, money makes you feel safe. That lack of safety, lack of money is felt within you as a lack of safety. The lack of money outside of you is experienced, translated to an experience within you as an experience of lack of safety. You have a need for safety. That safety is found within you. That need is created within you, it’s a feeling. And that need comes up because you have the ability to make yourself feel safe, just like you have the ability to love yourself.  

But when you’re not willing to love yourself, you’re not in alignment with your true self. So you create a need in order to point out to yourself, “Hey, there’s something going on within you that is not helpful”. You need to turn on the tap and start loving yourself.  

When you experience this need for safety within yourself, that is pointing you towards the need that you are not filling within yourself, and that you have the energy, the ability, within yourself to fulfill.  

You have the ability to make yourself feel safe once you tap into that frequency and make yourself feel safe within yourself, just from being you. Once you start feeling powerful, you’re going to feel safe because you are being who you truly are. You are Source, God, and you have that ability/power within you.  

Once you can tune into that frequency and create that feeling of being safe because you are a powerful creator, because you are God, because you exist; once you tap into that frequency, you’re going to tap into more of who you really are. Just like you are love, you’re also power. You have created this need as a signal to yourself to point you towards more expansion. You have a need for something because that thing that you desire is an energy frequency that is found within you, and once you tap into that frequency, it will expand your experience of life. It will expand your experience of yourself. It will make you feel better. So the outside reflection of lack is pointing towards the need within you, a need that is unfulfilled. That need within you, that experience of lack, is pointing you towards the frequency and energy that you have within you, that you need to tune up, that you need to fuel, energize, that you need to make bigger.  

You need to find that energy within. That you are seeking outside of yourself, whatever money represents to you, you need to find that frequency within yourself, and ramp it up, make it bigger. Give to yourself what you desire, so that you can fulfill your own needs, and then that fulfillment is going to be reflected in your outside reality. When you feel abundant within, you feel abundant in love, abundant with safety, that is going to reflect in your outside world.  

Fulfill your need from within and watch it manifest. 


Money is a tool. When you seek to receive more money, what you are truly desiring is what money represents to you. To many people money represents love. You may have been rewarded with money or gift on special occasions, and so now you connect money with love. To you, money is a representation and an expression of love. When you are able to take action that results in money, you feel appreciated and loved, you feel successful and good enough. Getting a new job with higher pay makes you feel accomplished, because the increase in pay symbolizes that you are now more loveable. Admiration, appreciation, feeling important, having status, are all nuances of being loved. It is how you measure your own worth: how much do other people love me, and how much money do they give me to show their appreciation. How other people value you, turns into how much you value and love yourself. In that experience, money is a representation of love, love from others and love from self. As love from the outside reality is always a reflection of the love you give to yourself, when you love yourself more you will receive more outward expressions of that love. The outside world will express that love in a way that is meaningful to you. If you perceive money as a representation of appreciation and love, of value, then you will receive more or less money depending on how much you appreciate, love and value yourself.  

Money is just energy! 

Think of abundance as just another manifestation of energy. That is what it is. All is energy, the same, one energy. Love, the feeling love, and money in your bank account, is the same energy. Air, oxygen, is also the same energy. We were going to compare money to love energy, but as you believe love is also in a limited amount, that is not a good comparison. Compare money to air instead. You take deep breaths without feeling guilty. You take it because there is plenty of it. You taking it has no effect on others. There is more than enough for everyone to breathe as much as you all want. More is created every single moment. You can breathe without guilt. 

Money is the same. The amount of it to go around is endless and constantly flowing. Every time someone is wanting money, the energy multiplies. Every person living in lack and desiring abundance is constantly creating more money. The reason you don’t necessarily see this is because most people are not manifesting it into physical reality as quickly as they want. But nonetheless it is created in the non-physical reality, waiting there until you are ready to take that last step of the manifestation process and bring it into physicality. 

The energy is there. And when you so much as think of it, you create more. There is an endless supply of it. It is impossible to empty it, because your desires keep creating more of it all the time. 

When someone gives you money they are passing on energy. Often in exchange for an energy you have given to them, or will give to them. How you judge that exchange is based on your beliefs. Some will judge the money as more valuable, others will judge your answers or services as more valuable. Their judgment is based in their own beliefs. Your judgement is based in your beliefs. But ponder this: when it is all the same energy, and this energy is in endless supply and keeps being recreated constantly, how useful is this judgement of yours? If you are blowing a breath of oxygen on someone, do you feel lack for now having less oxygen in your lungs? Do you feel guilty when you breathe in the same room as others, stealing what could possibly be used by them if they wanted to hyperventilate? 

Energy is endless. It is constantly being recreated. The expansion of energy is constant. Every thought you have is creating more energy. When you expand, the energy of all that is expands. Money is one of the ways energy can be manifested. Just like air is another. In endless supply. The perception of a limited amount, of an end to this supply, is contradicting the belief in expansion. If you choose to believe there is a limited amount of abundance or money available, then you must also believe that Source energy can only expand to a certain degree. So what is it that exists beyond this energy? What is the energy beyond all that is? And if this energy or “thing” beyond all that is, really exists, is it not all that is? If it “is”, it must be a part of all that is, right? So then again you are back to the same solution: if it exists it is part of all that is. This “all that is” is endless, because it contains all that is. There is nothing that is beyond this, because the beyond is also “all that is” or it would not exist. 

Abundance is limitless and endless. It is the One energy that is all of creation. There is no end to this creation. The expansion is eternal and limitless. You are this endless and eternal energy. When you accept money you are accepting a part of yourself. The exchange between the seller and the buyer is the exchange of energy from the One energy to the same energy. The seller, the buyer, and the money and the goods, it is all the same One energy. All endless. Remove the emotions around money. It is just a way for you to interact. Money is the excuse for creative powers, and for human interactions. That is all it is. The rest of it, the “real” part of money, is just pure energy. Just like air. Just like love. Just like you. 


You don’t have to feel guilty for wanting or receiving abundance, because every time you desire money your desires create more abundance. The Universe is abundant, and there is no lack, only the chosen experience of lack. You are one with all that exists, with Source energy, and your desires create more of this energy, even if you do not notice this. Simply by existing you expand the Universe. It is only right and beneficial that you tap into this abundance and use it as you like, and that experience in itself creates more abundance for all beings. The abundance is limitless and constantly expanding, you only have to align to it to use it, and as you use it you create even more of it!  


  • How do you express love to others, and what makes you feel loved?  
  • What do you believe your bank account says about you? What does it say about you that you don’t have more money right now?   
  • What would it say about you if you had 1 million dollars more? 
  • What are the things you appreciate about your loved ones, and how much more would you love them if they were more abundant? 


 When you create a desire within you, you expand the universe. Your desire is an energetic question and an energetic command. That then creates potential into actualized matter. As soon as you create that desire, it manifests. The potential that you have tapped into is pleased to finally be able to manifest, because the potential has this desire to expand. The potential manifests, expanding into actual matter. It’s no longer pure potential, it has manifested into actual matter. It exists in a dimension apart from you. Unless you are receiving that money, that money exists in a dimension apart from you. What you want to do is become a vibrational match to that money that you have created, so you have to move yourself through those dimensions in order to meet the money where it is. That is the process of you letting go of limiting beliefs and becoming a vibrational match to the thing that you desire. 

On a soul level what you really desire is this journey of becoming a vibrational match to abundance, because that journey means that you have to let go of limiting beliefs. You have to let go of fear. You have to realize that you are the creator of your reality. You have to see and find that frequency of abundance within you. And when you find that frequency of abundance within you, that is going to move you into the dimensions where you experience yourself as more and more abundant, becoming a match to that reality or the money that you manifested now exists. So from a soul level, the journey that you desire, that journey that you want is to let go of fear and become a vibrational match to your own inner abundance, realizing, remembering, understanding that you are worthy of abundance, that you deserve abundance, that it is easy to live in abundance. That is what you want from a soul level, not the actual money, but the inner changes that becoming a match to the money that needs requires you to make.  

When you desire money, which is simply an expression of energy, that desire creates change in the pure potential that then transforms into money in a different dimension. Through your desire, you help the universe expand. You help the universe manifest into a more expanded state of being. You help the potential actualize its potential, its possibilities. You created a brand new experience through your desire, you changed and transmuted energy through your desire.  

When you receive that money, you’re not getting money from someone else. You’re not taking from someone else so that they have to experience lack. No, you created more simply through desiring to have more. When you take part of that creative cycle of creating a desire. And when you allow yourself to receive through becoming a vibrational match to the money, you’re simply taking part in the natural cycle that is creation: you giving your energy to the universe, that energy manifests, changes shape, and then you receive energy again from the universe, allowing that energy to flow through you. When you buy something, you pass it on to someone else.  

This act of creating and also receiving your creations, this is what allows the universe, allows energy, to flow. Energy wants to flow, energy wants to experience itself in different stages, just like you desire expansion. You want to not always be a five year old, but you want to learn new things and grow into a 10 year old and then an adult. You want to experience different things. You don’t want to live the same day over and over. You want to grow and expand. And energy has that same desire. To grow from pure potential into being actualized, into manifested money, to then experience being used by you, given to someone else. That is an experience energy wants: to move and flow through you.  

Through allowing yourself to receive money you take part in this flow. Through allowing yourself to receive your money, you create money. You create energy through your desires, and as you open up to receive the manifestation of your desire, you once again take part in this flow of energy. You are meant to receive. You are meant to both create and then receive your creation, because through receiving, you allow energy to flow. You allow energy to move, and you allow the universe to expand.  

Realize that this is the natural cycle, and you are part of all that exists. It is your place to be a part of that natural cycle of giving and receiving. 


The presence of money or the lack of money is often seen as proof of who you are. You believe adults should provide for themselves. In most cases through work, a job, but if you have kids you are allowed to be provided for by your spouse. This acquiring of money is very closely tied into your own authority. You see yourself in a certain way, you have expectations of yourself as an adult. When you fail to live up to these expectations you feel a lessening of authority. Authority is a key element in how you see your self, and in your self acceptance. When you feel a lack of authority because of this change in your relationship with money (the outward sign of abundance) you feel a shift in your identity. How you identify yourself is tied into your self worth. 

A shift in your ability to acquire money causes a shift in how you see yourself. If you are able to acquire more money you will feel more important and more successful, and you shift how you perceive yourself and your worth. If your ability to acquire money weakens, you will feel less worthy. Money is not only a sign of security and being safe, it is also a sign of your worth, and of your right to belong in society. To belong you must be able to provide for yourself through money. To be allowed to stand within your own authority and be perceived as someone who has the right to respect, you must provide your own money. Your ability to attract money into your life is dictating how much or little respect you deserve from others. Isn’t this an interesting measurement of worthiness? 

What you need to understand is that these perceptions are flawed. How others see you is determined greatly by how they see themselves, but it is also influenced by the opinion of the society in large. If a prominent member suddenly approves of someone who has little or no money, the others will follow and adapt their acceptance of this individual, despite him or her not following the rules. The acceptance of individuals into a group has been the basis for your survival for thousands of years, and so the instinct to fit in is very strong within the human mind. You want to fit in so you can survive. 

In the new era of humanity the individual must create his own attachments. You decide what group you want to belong to, knowing that you are the timeless Source that is any energy and all energies. You are all of it. Whether or not you choose to define yourself as a part of a group, you are a part of all groups yet not defined by any.  

The attachment to any defining traits is an illusion. You are undefinable. You are in truth pure energy and any choice of attachment is only of this moment. 

When you attract money you are experiencing yourself through the energies of abundance.  

When you attract a lack of money you are experiencing yourself through the necessity of detaching yourself from the identity of money.  

You are not money. You are energy. Money is energy too, but it does not define you. Not when you attract it and not when you are not attracting it. The energy comes and goes, but you are still the truth of who you are, regardless of what comes into your reality or not. Your attachment to money as a providing source for your desires is an illusion that is limiting your experience of yourself. When you can disregard money as a source to your desires, you move closer to the truth of your powers of manifestation. You have the ability to directly and instantly create what you desire to live, and money is a slowing down and an over-complication of this manifestation. If you are to discover this instant manifesting ability within you, you must let go of the need of the authority and recognition that money gives you in the eyes of your peers. You must let go of the need of approval for your ability to attract money, and the need of approval in general. You have the ability to create from pure energy into whatever you desire, but you must allow yourself to let go of the illusion of money as the tool for creation. The direct manifestation of what you desire has no use for money. Money is a distraction and an unnecessary complication. Money is only a means of gaining approval, not the means to the fulfillment of your desires. 

Money is the illusion of worth. Knowing you are already worthy, what good is money as a sign of worth or appreciation? You already are worthy. Money can not make you more or less worthy, nothing can. Money is not a sign of love. It is just money. Detach your worth from the receiving and giving of money. What you all have to offer is priceless. No amount of money can ever compare to the gift of your presence here. No amount of money can ever compare to the magnitude of your love, of your being, of your impact on this world and all of creation. You are the truth, money is the illusion.  

How much money you have can never define you. How you feel about the amount of money you have, is a reflection of your beliefs about yourself and your beliefs about what money represents. If you want to change the amount of money you attract, you must change your beliefs about yourself, and of what that amount of money says about you.  

Do I deserve it? 

 Who decides what you deserve? Who judges and decides what anyone deserves? What does it mean to deserve something? 

Everyone will have different expectations of who you should be. Everyone will judge you differently, depending on their own rules and their own fears. This means it is literally impossible to live up to any ideal in order to deserve something, for instance love. Others judgments are useless and meaningless. You are the one who judges what you deserve. You might feel like others judge you, but as the creator of your reality, you are the one who allows or resists what is coming to you. You allow in some of your creations, watching the manifestation of them, and you resist other things. Others may judge you, but they cannot control what manifests into your reality. Only you can create in your life, and every creation is coming or not coming as a reflection of your vibration. Your reality is created by you. Your judgment of what you deserve is the only judgment that matters. What others think has no effect on what is manifested in your reality. If you think you deserve 1 million you will attract the million into your life, regardless of what others think you deserve. Their opinion only affects how you feel about yourself if you allow it to, it does not affect the creation in itself. 

This means that you are the judge of what you deserve. What you allow yourself to receive is what you will get. If you think you deserve it, you will receive it. If you think you don’t deserve it, because you judge yourself unworthy, you will not allow yourself to receive it. You are the one who decides what you deserve. Why would you judge yourself to not deserve what you want? Because you believe in lack. Lack is an illusion. 

Everything that exists is Source energy. This energy is limitless, endless and eternal, and it keeps expanding every second. That means that the energy supply is endless. Endless. As everything is this energy, it must also mean that everything created out of this energy is in endless supply. Abundance. Love. Power. Beauty. When something you want is in endless supply, it means you can take and take and take, and there will still be more than enough left to supply every other demand. It is endless. There are no limits to the energy with which you can create from. It also means it cannot be wasted. Because you can simply refill it at any time, as it is limitless and endless. So why would you need to earn something, or live up to a set of expectations when it is limitless in it’s supply? If it cannot be wasted, if there will always be enough, does the phrase “to deserve it” have any meaning at all? No, it doesn’t. 

There is no “deserving”. To deserve something is a word and an idea created by society in order to control others. You do not have to earn anything in life, because you are the creator of your reality. You create everything that comes to you through your energy and in co-creation with the rest of Source energy that you are at one with.  

Everything that comes to you is of the energy that you are. You cannot earn it because it is not taken from anything or anyone outside of you, it is part of you. You are creating from your energy and shaping it into a different image of the same energy, and you are receiving your own energy when it manifests. You are simply recycling your energy and creating more energy from the energy that you are. As you desire something you call in energy, and as you vibrate the love energy that you are you expand and create more love energy. That is your nature. You create more love energy by default. You cannot not create. You simply decide what you wish to create, but the creation is always ongoing 

As everything in your reality is your creation, you do not have to earn it. It is there anyway as a result of your desires. It is simply sitting there, in the non-physical, waiting for you to decide that you deserve it. This idea of deserving is a meaningless idea. YOU are the creator that creates. You don’t have to deserve anything. This reality is not one of deserving, it is one of creation. As you desire you create. You don’t deserve or not deserve, you want or you don’t want. If you want it, you can have it. There is no such thing as deserving anything. You can say you deserve it because you want it, but as you are creating everything you want anyways, you might as well allow yourself to receive it and use it. There is no deserving, there is only want or not want. 

You can never deserve love. Or abundance. Because the concept does not exist. It is an idea of the illusion. You are love. You create love. Love is in endless and unlimited supply. There is no deserving, no earning, no good enough. There is only unlimited love energy to create with, and you are that one energy. You create from this energy, and you receive this energy if you allow yourself to receive it. You decide what you deserve. 


Money or abundance cannot make you more worthy, and lack cannot make you less worthy. You are just as good and just as worthy of love either way. If you feel unworthy of love, and money represents love to you, then you will not feel worthy of receiving money/abundance. Your value and your worth is not defined by the amount of money you have or make, you are completely worthy no matter what. When you experience lack of abundance, you are experiencing yourself in the illusion of lack. It is just an experience, perceiving yourself in this specific light. When you experience abundance, you are no better or worse, you are just experiencing yourself in a different kind of lack. There is no moral judgment to it, none is better or worse, it is just an experience. Only you can decide how much you deserve, and that decision will influence how much abundance you allow to come to you. 


  • Do you feel worthy of more abundance? Why or why not? 
  • How would money change your perception of self, your feeling of being worthy, and having value?  
  • Why do you want more abundance, what experience is it you think this would bring you? 
  • Do you feel worthy of unconditional love, being loved even if you fail or make mistakes?  
  • Would money make you feel more worthy of love, or feel like you have more value to share?


You are source energy, you are God, you are the same energy as all other parts of creation. You we are all created from the same energy: source energy. Source energy is just the name,  is just a label. You could call that energy “love”. But basically that energy is the energy that creates every molecule, every atom, every piece of creation, every human, every animal, all that exists. It is the one and same energy expressed in many, many different, unique ways. A tree is a unique expression of that Source Energy, just like you are a unique expression of that Source Energy. Everything is that same one energy.  

That energy is all that exists, it is oneness, there is no separation. That means that you cannot have one part of it be unworthy and the other part be worthy, because there is no separation. It’s just One, which means that when all that exists is source, God, love, however you choose to label it, all that exists is this one same energy; it is all worthy. It is either all worthy or all unworthy. That means, again, worthiness doesn’t exist. It’s a given.  

You can never become worthy because you have always been worthy. You can never become unworthy because that doesn’t exist. And when unworthiness doesn’t exist, the belief or unworthiness becomes meaningless because you just ARE, you just exist. And you never, ever have to be good enough or earn your right to this energy or to receive this energy, because this energy, the energy of God/Source/Love does not come to you based on a moral judgment.  

Everyone has different definitions of what it means to be good and kind. Just like everyone has different favorite foods or different favorite colors. Not everyone prefers the same thing. You can’t say that oranges are bad and apples are good. You can say “I prefer oranges” or “I prefer apples”, but that doesn’t mean that the other fruit is bad. It’s just not your preference. There’s no moral judgment on an orange or an apple. You can’t say that apples are worthy and oranges are unworthy, that doesn’t make sense. And the same is for humans. You have never been unworthy, it doesn’t exist.  

It’s impossible for one part of the oneness to be unworthy and have another be worthy because there is no separation. So either all parts are unworthy or all parts are worthy. And we say all parts are worthy because it is the only energy that exists. 

It is the one energy of all that exists. If this energy was to be unworthy, then the worthy energy does not exist, so worthiness is basically meaningless. It’s a meaningless phrase created by humans because you live in the illusion of being separate from God. Once you create separation, then you can have good and bad, worthy and unworthy because of the illusion of separation. You’ve allowed yourself to believe that you are unworthy, but if you accept, if you choose to believe that there is one energy and that you are of this energy, then you have to let go of the belief in the existence of unworthiness. You have to let go of believing that you could ever be unworthy. It does not exist.  

And so manifestation does not work on the premise that you’re worthy or unworthy. Because unworthy or worthy doesn’t exist, all that exists is energy. Energy and energy attraction. When you want something you send out that desire. It manifests and then you start that creative process of changing and becoming a magnet to this thing. Attracting it and meeting it in the vibration where it is. You’re moving towards that thing, and you’re moving that thing towards you. The dimensions are meeting.  

Money or abundance doesn’t come to you because you’re a nice person, it comes to you because you’re a vibrational match. You don’t have to be worthy, because worthiness or unworthiness doesn’t exist. You don’t have to be kind or beautiful or smart or talented. The thing that you desire, abundance, does not react to moral judgments or moral labels. Abundance doesn’t come to you because you’re a nice person, or because you’re working hard. Abundance comes to you because you are vibrational match to it. You don’t have to earn money, you don’t have to earn the right to be abundant, you just have to become a vibration attached to it.  

And that is more than anything about letting go, about removing the things that hold you back from being a match to it. Your natural state of being is to be abundant, to be able to attract whatever you want, manifest anything and everything instantly. The only thing that stops you from doing that right now is limiting beliefs and fears, and a lot of those limiting beliefs are unworthiness, that you don’t feel worthy of receiving that which you desire. Call it abundance. Call it money. Call it love, whatever you want to call it. You don’t have to be worthy of it because worthy does not exist. You just have to believe that you can create it, that you have the right to have it, that it’s possible for you. And then let go the limiting beliefs and the fears that are holding you back. And those limiting beliefs can be many. But let go of the idea that worthiness is a part of that equation. Abundance is simply the manifestation and the reflection of a vibration, of a frequency that you are holding within. It’s a frequency game. It’s not a moral judgment. You don’t have to be good or kind or beautiful or smart. You just have to be an energetic match. It is energy outside of you reacting to the energy that is you within. It’s just an energy game. 


The tool of money is always about vibration. Your personal interpretation of what money is and what it means to you, is going to influence how much money you allow yourself to receive.  

There is a natural balance in the relationship of giving and receiving. Just like balance between action and stillness, the student and the teacher. There is a balance, and when that balance is disturbed it creates a disconnection of the natural order. 

If you give when you have nothing left, you disturb that balance. If you take and take and take without giving anything back, you disturb that balance. What is important to understand is that the balance is not depending on you giving back to the same person who gave to you. You can give to someone else or in a different way, and there is still balance. The balance is within you, not necessarily in the relationship of the giver and the receiver. 

Just like you cannot drink from an empty well, if you give without ever filling up your energy from within you, soon you will feel empty. Energy is always flowing through you, but there must be a willingness in you to receive. If you continue to block your reception of energy but keep giving away, you will soon have nothing more to give. 

You can give your time to one person and receive money from a totally different source. This is the flow of energy. See it all as source energy, for that is what it is. The way it looks or feels is not really important, it is all the same energy regardless of how you choose to perceive it. 

In a state of balance your body will feel good. If you give and receive in a state of balance you will feel good. Contrary to what you might believe, most disruption is caused by giving too much and not allowing oneself to receive. The belief in no pain, no gain, and the worth of martyrdom is often the cause of this. Hear us in this: pain is never the way to happiness. Suffering is not the way to feeling good. Being a martyr does not make you a good person. Feeling good makes you feel good. Simply being makes you a good person. You are good because that is your essence. You are love. There is no need to suffer to make yourself worthy, because you already are worthy. 

Allow yourself to receive what is given to you. Do not feel burdened for what you receive. You deserve love. You deserve abundance. You deserve wellness and well being. You can never force anyone to give, so when someone gives to you know it is an act within their control. Not yours. When you give, you must give freely and with love. Giving because you believe you should or because you feel pressured into it is not true giving, it is punishment of you the giver and of the receiver. If you don’t want to give that is perfectly fine, but when you do give make sure it is a gift with no strings attached. Giving so that you can get the upper hand is not beneficial to either party, and certainly not to you. 

Give from a place of abundance, because you wish to and choose to. Give freely and with love. Receive all that is given to you knowing you deserve love. You deserve to receive what you have asked for. You deserve to receive without having to give back. Do not feel guilty for receiving. Remember that you must be willing to receive to keep the balance. See it all as gifts from source, yourself, to yourself, because that is what it is. Feel as good receiving as you are giving. When you allow yourself to both receive and give, the energy can flow through you. Energy wants to move and so any time you stop it or hold back through resistance, you create a slow down of energy. This will feel uncomfortable and the longer this is hindered, the worse it feels. Allow the energy to move through you, give and receive with ease.  

What does it mean to receive? 

In order to truly receive you have to believe you are worthy of it. You have to let go of the resistance to receiving, all the beliefs that hold you back from allowing yourself to accept the things you desire. 

You also have to recognize that you are receiving what you desire. You will receive it anyways, as you do all day and every day, but to truly receive means to be aware of receiving, and that takes recognition of both your desires and the recognition of the physical manifestation that is a match to your desire. So many times you will receive a physical manifestation, but you will not recognize it, because you are not aware of what you are vibrating. If you are feeling like you do not have enough money, you are vibrating lack. You desire money, but vibrate lack. What you then receive will be a mix of your desire-vibration and the lack-vibration of “I don’t have enough”. So you receive maybe a small amount of money. You are receiving exactly what you have asked for, but because you are not aware of your vibration, you believe you are not receiving. 

When you are receptive on a deep level, you accept all as it is. You accept yourself, you accept your reality as it is now, and you accept all others as they are. You understand that everything you need, is manifested right here for you. You understand that even if some things are not exactly as you wish for, that they are somehow perfect for your expansion and the answers you seek.  

So many of your answers are given to you not through words, but through the manifestations of things and situations in your reality. So many answers and replies to both questions and desires, will come to you through the people in your reality. What you need to learn is represented by the reality you live in, in this moment. Everything you seek is right there in front of you, in the people and experiences that exist in your reality. If you cannot see how it is exactly what you need, that is just because you have not yet shifted your perception to see it’s perfection. As you accept that your answers are there already, in this now reality that has manifested for you, you can shift your perception and look for those clues, those answers, instead of insisting they are not there. As you accept that all you need is right in front of you, you shift your perception from lack and need, from asking, to receiving. With a vibration of receiving, you will be able to see what the answers truly are. And it will be the most natural thing in the world, right there, in front of you. 

To be receptive is to be open. To be open to all avenues of receiving, even the ones you cannot yet see or know about. To be open to the fact that all change is good, that all change is there to bring you what you have asked for, even when it seems the exact opposite. In this openness you once again allow the Universe to surprise you, and to bring you what you need, at the right moment for you. That openness also means to be open to the greater wisdom of a Universe that knows a better way than the way you cling to. The universe in it’s infinite wisdom knows the perfect time to give you what you have asked for, and that might be a bit later than you desire. So trust that if it is not here yet, it is because you are not ready for it. You are always receiving what you need, what is for your highest good. So if something is not there, it means it would not be for your highest good to receive it at this time. Trust, and accept that all is perfect. 

To be receptive on a deep level means to know that you are worthy of it all. You are worthy of love, you are worthy of all expressions of that love, be it money or people or experiences that you dream of. You are worthy of health and joy, and all the things you so desire. You need to understand that you are worthy of all of this, not because you have earned it, but because you are. You exist, and so you are worthy. You are the same energy that creates all the experiences you dream of, and there is no lack anywhere in this energy. This energy is limitless, endless, and when you dream and desire you add to this energy, creating more and more from the energy that you are. Any manifestation of your desire is adding to the universal energy, rather than taking from it. The more you dream, the more you add to All That Is! You are the energy that creates, and you are the one who decides what to receive. It is all about YOU. 

To receive is to allow yourself to be loved. The energy of All That Is has one purpose: to love, for that is what it is. You have one purpose above all: to love. As you allow yourself to receive, you act in alignment with love, with what and who you are. You receive love, to the love that you are, from the love that is your Source. To receive is to love, to allow yourself to be loved, and to be the love that you are, creating more love as you appreciate and accept what is being provided to you. 


You are mean to receive just as you are meant to give. This is the natural balance and harmony in all things: to let energy flow through you as you receive love (abundance) and then give this on to others (for instance by shopping or investing). If you stop yourself from receiving because you feel unworthy of it, or feel others are more worthy, you are interfering with the balance of all things, and you will not be able to give as much to others because you don’t allow yourself to be filled up from within through receiving. Giving and receiving are equally important, and creates a balance of letting energy move through all of existence. As a part of All That Is, a part of Source, you are equally worthy of receiving, same as everyone else! 


  • When someone gives you a compliment, do you feel worthy of that? When you receive gifts, do you feel worthy of receive all of that?  
  • Think about your current relationships: is there an even balance of giving and receiving between you and your loved ones/friends? Or is one giving more than the other, if so which one are you? 
  • Do you enjoy giving? How does it feel to give? 
  • If you have to choose between giving to yourself, or giving to someone else, what do you choose? If you have to choose between receiving a gift or letting someone else have it, what do you choose? Do you choose you, or the other person? 


You cannot create in anyone else’s reality. That means that when you create when you create a desire for money, for abundance, for whatever it is, that thing can only come to you. Your desire is uniquely yours, and the vibration of the thing that has been created as the answer to your desire, is a match to your unique vibration.  

The thing that you create through your desires, when it manifests, even though it’s not in your life, that thing can only come to you. You cannot manifest money or anything else for anyone else. You can only manifest for you. Your desire for money, your energy creates the result. And that result, that thing that you desire, can only be utilized, can only come to you. You are the only one that can become a match to the thing that you desire. So if you desire to manifest a million dollars, the money that you will be manifesting can only come to you.  

Other people can also manifest the same amount of money, but that creation is going to be a vibrational match to them. That means that because you cannot create in anyone else’s reality, if you don’t open up to receive your creation it just will never be used. It will be manifested in a dimension that no one else has access to Only you have access to that dimension, to that product, to that thing that you desire. There’s no need to feel shame or guilt or hold yourself back from receiving, because you are the only one that can receive the manifestation of your desire. If you don’t open up to receive it, it will never, ever be received by anyone. Because of the energetic match that exists between you and the thing that you desire you are the only one that can attract this into your life. No one else can attract that thing. They can create for themselves, but no one can create, can attract the thing that you want, that you have created through your desire.  

That is why it’s so important to allow yourself to receive, because these things that you desire, they are instantly created. If you don’t open up to receive this thing, it will never, ever be brought into physical manifestation and explored and experienced by anyone simply because you’re not willing to receive it, because you don’t allow yourself to receive it. When you manifest something, when you desire something, you never, ever create lack in anyone else’s experience, that doesn’t happen. They create it all for themselves.  

Let’s say you’re in a contest and you can win a million dollars, you and five others. If you win the money, you might think that you created lack in the other people’s lives because you took the money, leaving them with nothing. The thing is, you don’t have the power to create in their realities. They were already vibrating at the frequency of not winning that money. And you were already vibrating at a frequency of getting that money. When you got the money, you manifested the answer to your desire, you were carrying that vibration, you were vibrating at that frequency to be a match to win that money. The other contestants, you didn’t take it from them because you don’t have the power to create in their realities. You cannot make them victims. You cannot create lack for them. They were not a match to get the money at that time. They created that experience of not getting the money.  

Just like you, if you don’t get anything, if you don’t get what you desire, it is because you are manifesting, not getting what you desire. You are a vibrational match to not getting what you desire, regardless of what anyone else around you is manifesting. They cannot create in your reality. If someone else gets the thing that you want, it’s not because their vibration is stronger or more powerful. They cannot take anything away from you. You’re either a match to what you want or you’re not.  

Open yourself up to receive, because you are the only one that can receive the answer and the manifestation of your desire. The thing that you desire is only a vibrational match to YOU.  

No one else can ever be a vibrational match to the thing that you manifest to the thing that you desire. It is a unique vibration, a unique attraction that exists between you and the thing that you desire. You are the only one that can call this into reality, into manifestation. If you don’t open up to receive it, it will never, ever be received by anyone because the thing that you desire is yours and yours only. That is the creative power that you have where no one else can create in your reality, where you cannot create in anyone else’s reality. You have complete and full power over the creation and your reality. But you have to open up to receive it. 


Aligning to abundance is a matter of aligning to what abundance means to you specifically. Abundance has a unique vibration within you, and it brings forth unique feelings within you. Abundance will have it’s unique expression for you, and it will be a path unique to you. If abundance means approval to you, then you need to create feeling of already being approved. If abundance means safety to you, then you need to create a feeling of being safe within yourself. If abundance represents freedom to you, then you need to set yourself free! Abundance has as many unique expressions as there are individual beings, and each individual will interpret this vibration in their own unique way. This is why one way of manifesting abundance will not work for everyone, because what abundance represents is unique and different to all.  

The only way to truly live an abundant life is to get to know yourself. If you want to be more in control of the level of abundance that you manifest, you have to get to know what abundance represents to you, so that you can align to that vibration and start attracting the  outside reflection of your inner frequency. Everything you desire is available to you! 

Abundance is to be able to create from pure energy, your energy, and then shift into the vibration that is a match to receiving the physical manifestation of that creation.  

When you tap into and live from your natural state of true abundance, you are always in a state of receiving.  

You receive from yourself as you allow the creations to come to you through your state of non-resistance and flow. You create and then surrender the creation to the creative process of the Universe, letting the Universe bring to you the outside reflection of your vibration. This means that as you birth a desire you are sending out a request, or more like a command. This command is then received by the Universe, and the Universe replies by sending you the answer to your request. All you have to do is open your hands and receive this, and this opening of your hands happens energetically as you align to the frequency of the answer. You have to change your frequency from request to answer, from wanting to having.  

 You need to align yourself and your vibration to being what you want your manifestation to represent for you. If you want to manifest freedom, you have to create a sense of freedom within you first. How do you do that? Well you start by setting yourself free from the limiting beliefs and thoughts that are currently holding you captive. You start breaking your own rules and expectations, no longer holding yourself back out of fear of not being good enough, or fear of not being safe, or fear of failure.  

If you want to manifest safety you have to start feeling safe even when the conditions are reflecting lack and chaos. Realize that you have always been safe, you are still safe, and that safety is a result of your vibration, not the result of money. Power resides in you, not in the outside tools of money or authority. You are the one that can shift your vibration from unsafe to safe, and so the power to be safe lies within you 

If you want to manifest abundance in the sense of being able to pay your bills and buy a home, then start to create the feeling of BEING enough just as you are. Allow yourself to see how you are enough, how you are perfect and complete just the way you are. See how you simply had the wrong expectations of yourself, trying to make you fit into a role that society had created for you, but now you are free to exist outside of that role as no role is big enough to contain your magnificence. See how abundant you are when it comes to abilities and skills, and start using those abilities and talents to express your beauty and power. Use your unique abilities to celebrate the wonder that you are, and allow the abundant nature of all your gifts to be expressed to the world.  

The vibration you are seeking is already within you, as your desires are birthed in a pool of energy that is your Soul Intentions. What you seek already exists within you as pure potential, and that potential is calling you to take action. You hear it as a desire, and you translate this desire for growth and expansion into a desire for abundance, as your deepest desire is truly to explore more of your own energy. As you take action to manifest this desire for abundance, you are forcing yourself to let go of limiting beliefs, and to push past fear, because your desire is so strong. Through this process of setting yourself free you discover and activate more of the potential that has laid dormant within your own energy, and your Soul Intentions are through this manifested into physical reality through your unique expression of self.  

The abundance you seek to experience is in truth the energy of Who You Truly Are, your Soul, your Higher Self. That abundance is a frequency of love that is a part of the energy that you call you. And as you tap into and align to your Soul energy through letting go of fears, through daring to follow your desires, you align yourself with unconditional love for self, for who you truly are. As a being of pure, unconditional love, you are in bliss over being able to give to yourself all that you desire, and you find joy in creating a multitude of expressions of who you truly are.  

Every manifestation is simply an expression of the power and the love that resides inside of you. The more that you love and accept yourself and the more fear you let go of, the more you are tapping into your true abundance. When you align yourself with your Soul energy through letting go of fear and limitations, setting yourself free to be who you authentically are, you are aligning to unlimited abundance. Unlimited abundance is one facet of expressing yourself and your energy to the world, and the more you allow yourself to express your authentic self, and set yourself free from fear and limitations, the more you will align to unlimited abundance. In that process you will find so much joy in expressing the inner abundance, the abundance of all your talents and gifts, that the outward expression of abundance that is reflected back to you is no longer necessary. In that moment when you no longer need anything outside of yourself, your vibration is a complete match to unlimited abundance, and the outside world must reflect that back to you.  

The desire for an outward reflection of abundance is your soul calling you to look inwards so you may discover the abundance of abilities, power and love that resides within you. The process of manifesting this outward abundance is a process of discovering who you truly are, and daring to express your authentic self. 

Your Soul intention is to express yourself authentically and share yourself with the world. Your human interpretation is to seek abundance, so that in that quest for abundance you discover the power, the majesty, the beauty and love of who you really are. Abundance is a vibration that exists within you, and all you have to do is align to it, over and over and over, until it becomes your state of being. Abundance is being who you truly are, and seeing that reflection in the world around you, as an abundance of all that you love and desire. That is true abundance.  


You came here to be you, to discover who you truly are, and to express yourself and share yourself with the world. The more that you let go of fear and limiting beliefs, the more you align yourself with your authentic self, the Soul. The soul is pure love, and is in complete alignment with unlimited abundance. The more authentic you are, the more fear you let go of, the more you will align to your true self. You are here to enjoy being you, and if you desire abundance then you have the potential to manifest that. But in order to do that you have to let go of limiting beliefs and be more authentic, to be who you came here to be. This is how you use your desire for abundance to become your true, authentic self, to use the human desire to fulfill your Soul Intentions for this life time.  


  • What gifts and abilities do you have? 
  • How are you using all of these gifts/abilities to create your abundance? Are you expressing these gifts, or are you keeping them hidden? 
  • How you you be more authentic, where can you stop holding yourself back and express more of your authentic self?  
  • Do you feel whole and complete, are you satisfied and proud of who you are? If not, why? Remember that you don’t have to change who you are, only change the part of you that is not satisfied with yourself. The belief is what needs to change.  


 Whenever you create a desire, that thing that you desire has instantly been manifested. That means that there exists an energetic connection between you and the thing that you desire and your soul. Your inner being, your higher self, however you want to label it is communicating with that thing, with that manifested thing. No matter what dimension it has manifested in, on a soul level you are connected to it because it is a part of you.  

Your soul talks to you through your inner guidance, your intuition. That means that whenever you create a desire, your intuition is tapped into this energetic cord between you and the thing that you want. Your intuition is constantly guiding you to make decisions that will get you to that thing that you desire. So when you want abundance, however you define that abundance, that thing that you desire, or many of those things and many more, has been manifested in another dimension. And so as soon as you create that desire and it manifests in another dimension, there is an energetic connection between you and that thing that you desire. Your intuition immediately starts telling you, “Do this, go there, change in this way, this is right, this is wrong. Let go of this fear, let go of this illusion”. 

This intuition, which is your soul speaking to you about where to go based on this energetic connection, this intuition is a voice that you need to listen to. But if you’re used to not trusting your intuition, not listening to your intuition, you cannot hear the guidance. Another thing is that these messages that come to you through your intuition, these messages are telling you to make choices based on your desire. To choose to align yourself and take action from this desire. This energetic cord this energetic connection, is leading you towards the manifestation of your desire. It’s leading you towards that dimension where your desire has manifested.  

So your intuition is telling you “Do this. Do that”. And very often the messages are in conflict or in contrast with other people’s desires, with other people’s wants and needs. Other people are guiding themselves towards the manifestation of their desire. That doesn’t always match what you want to do because you’re guiding yourself towards a different desire. So if you are afraid of upsetting other people or if you feel responsible for making other people happy, if it’s a friend or a family member or a life partner, you have this belief that you need to take care of them, that you need to compromise, that you need to take into consideration consideration what they want. And so very often you make choices based on what they want because that feels better to you. You want to make them happy because you feel responsible for their happiness. In that moment, when you make a compromise, neither will you get what you want. You don’t get what you want because you’re not making choices in alignment with what your desire. And they don’t fully get what they want because you’re compromising. So you’re not fulfilling anyone’s desires. You’re stepping away from the fulfillment of your desire and they are stepping away from the fulfillment of their desire.  

Any time you make a decision based on someone else’s desires, trying to make them happy, you’re stepping away from the fulfillment of your desire. You’re stepping away from that energetic connection to the manifestation of your desire. Any time you make a decision, you make a choice trying to please someone else or trying to avoid the discomfort of not making them happy or trying to avoid the discomfort of upsetting them, you’re choosing them over you. You’re telling the Universe “My desire doesn’t matter. There’s no need to lead me towards the manifestation of my desire because I’m going to choose what someone else wants”. And it doesn’t matter if these choices or these decisions are connected to what you desire or not. If you desire money and then you make a decision in a different part of your life, maybe about what you want to do on a Friday night, not related to money. It’s a totally different thing.  

But whenever you’re choosing to not go with your desire, but you’re choosing someone else’s desire, you’re affirming this vibration within you that says, “My desires don’t matter. I don’t choose me, I choose someone else”. Every time you choose to please someone else, you choose to act in alignment with someone else’s desires. You’re vibrating and sending out that message to the universe: “What I want doesn’t matter”. And that affects the manifestation of all your other desires. Because it’s a part of your overall vibration, “My desires don’t matter. I choose someone else. I choose to try to please them. I choose to try to manifest their desires. I choose to try to make them happy. My happiness doesn’t matter. Their happiness is more important”. Every time you choose them, every time you don’t choose you, you’re vibrating “There’s no need to manifest my desire”.  

Realize that your intuition is always guiding you towards the fulfillment of your desires. You have these desires because you’re meant to walk in that direction. You’re meant to choose you.  

You’re meant to want to make yourself happy. That is how you lead yourself towards happiness, through choosing you, through saying “What I want matters”. Your intuition is your soul guiding you to follow that energetic cord towards the manifestation of your desire. Your intuition is always telling you choose you.  

Go towards what you desire, align your actions in the direction where you want to go. Every time you have a choice, every time you have to make a decision, your intuition is guiding you, “Choose you, do what you want to do”, but then your guilt or your belief that you’re responsible for other people’s happiness jumps in and tells you “No, you have to compromise. Don’t be selfish”. And then when you choose them, you’re vibrating to the universe once again, “My desires don’t matter. I don’t matter”, and you’re stepping away from the alignment to the manifestation of your desire. You’re moving on to a path that’s not going to lead you to where you want to go. And it’s not leading to where your partner wants to go either, because there’s a compromise.  

You cannot make other people happy. That’s their job. But it’s your responsibility to make yourself happy through taking action in alignment with your desires, to follow your intuition so that you can manifest the thing that you desire. That is your responsibility. Choose you. Choose you and allow the universe to know that you see yourself as deserving of the manifestation of your desires. 


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