Within you is the control center. Your heart and your head is what controls your world. The head that holds your beliefs and the heart that holds your emotions.

Outside of you this image is projected onto your reality, your world. The world you inhabit is created completely and solely on the system you have within you. Every little detail in your outside reality is first created within you. To try to control from the outside is useless. The control must come from within, and will then be reflected back to you from your outside reality.

In a way your life is always lived within you, as your outside reality is just a reflection of what happens inside your heart and your head. But the way this reality works for most of you is that the outside world greatly affects your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, so in this way the outside governs the inside world too. How your outside reality is appearing to you will affect how you feel within. It will affect your beliefs and it will affect how you create your future outside reality.
You allow your outside world projections to affect you control center, and you allow this control center to create a new reality based on the projections from yesterday and today.

Do you see the nonsense in this? You create a projection, including both wanted and unwanted. You learn what works or doesn’t work through the feedback of positive or negative feelings. The control center receives this feedback, but rather than using this feedback to created a new reality of only the positives, you let the feedback create a copy of these mixed emotions and you keep on creating both wanted and unwanted.

See it this way: your first projection is a test. Through this test you give yourself the chance to discover what you like and dislike. This is reflected back to you through positive and negative feelings. Some things in your world you like and others not so much. What you tend to do is to focus on the intense negative feelings that you get when confronted with one of your creations that you don’t like. You bring this intense dislike back to the control center, and the control center registers an intense emotion. The intensity of focus is a sign to the control center to keep on creating. The control center does not differentiate between good and bad, only between the intensity of reaction. What you focus on and what you keep reacting to with intense emotions is what will continue to be projected from the control center and onto your blank slate reality. The things you react to with only a slight emotion will eventually disappear from the projection, as the control center no longer gets the emotional energy to keep projecting it. What you react to in an emotionally strong way will receive the energy to keep being projected onto your outside reality. Good or bad, positive or negative is irrelevant. The only thing your control center works from is intensity of emotion and focus.

Your reality is lived from the inside out. The outside reality is a projection. A copy. When you let the copy dictate how you feel you also let the projection dictate the reality you will live in tomorrow. Somewhere along the line of generations the information got muddled. Somewhere along the line you forgot to create intentionally and instead allowed your control center to dictate your reality based on the previous installed systems. Your control center has been running free, without your control.

Take charge of the programs your control center runs. Dictate your projection through your focus and emotional feedback. Let your control center know what to project for tomorrow. Use your focus with the intent on creating a projection that fits your desires and preferences. The control center is at your command, always. Use it. The projection is a copy, it is not in charge of you, it is not the true reality. The control center is in charge of the projection and you are in charge of the control center. Control the control center and your projection will change accordingly.

Focus on what you wish to keep in your projected reality, and let the rest go. Controlling the projection does not work. The control must come from you the Mastermind and then to the control center. Blaming the projection is useless.
The system is simple. It is easy. It is just a matter of changing your habit of focus. Each day is a new opportunity for practice. Each day you get to try again. Each day you can choose to focus your mind to what you enjoy and what you want to continue to project, or you can let the projection control you again and continue to live a mix of wanted and unwanted. The projection will continue either way. You get to decide what it projects.


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  1. Wow! This explanation is so clear. I knew This but Laurel says it with such clarity and precision that I got it on a deeper level.

    Thank you

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