How do I find this complete me?
It is already there. You are already it. Stop searching and just open your eyes. You never lost yourself, you never left. You just closed your eyes so that you could not see yourself. All you have to do to see the completion that is you, is to open your eyes again. Truly see.

To see yourself as all that you are you must let go of all limitations. Let go of the belief in anything but complete abundance. Complete worth. Complete love. Complete health. Complete and perfect execution of every task. Complete perfection of path. Complete perfection of being. Complete wisdom. Complete connection to all that is.

Let go of the idea of separation. There is only one. You are part of the one, but as there is no separation you are also the whole. You are all and you are nothing. You are the flowers and the nothing in between the flowers. You are the stars and the light, the darkness and the empty holes in Universes you cannot even dream of.

To allow in the possibility that you are indeed all of existence you must let go of the need to be someone definite. You must allow yourself to not be defined. You must allow yourself to be perceived in any way and every way that is possible. Do not try to control how others see you. You are all the identities that they perceive to be you, and you are none of them. You are all you have been in the past, and yet in this moment you are none of it. You are all you will be and yet in some way you are not fully living as that. As soon as you open your eyes and see yourself in completion that completion will expand. Rather than trying to catch the indefinable you, we ask you to let go of needing to know. Let go of needing to understand and control. Let go of needing to define who you are, and open up to being more than you can comprehend. Can you accept that you are beyond your reach? Can you accept that you are beyond what you can imagine? Can you except that you are limitless, endless, eternal and forever expanding? That means that there will always be uncharted waters within you. As soon as you catch up you will already have moved ahead. Accept the mystery. Accept the unknown. You are both the known and the unknown. You are the completion.

Being all that you are is not something you find by searching. You either are or you are not. You cannot will your way into it. You must float. It is a seamless expansion of your awareness. Becoming aware of being more than you thought you were yesterday, and then realizing there will always be a field of you outside of your awareness. There is always another level of awareness to reach for. The everlasting expansion does not stop at a certain dimension, it is endless.

No definition can capture you. No definition will ever tell the truth. So let go of the need for definition. Identities are always false. Give yourself the freedom to change, and allow yourself to not know who you are. You can only be the complete you when you let go of the need to control who you are. Needing to know who you are is control. Needing to label is control. Wondering if you are enough is trying to control that you are enough.
There is no lack in you. There is no separation. You will never stop expanding. You are always complete but you will never be fully aware of all that you are. But you can always become aware of more. More love, more peace, more delight in being.
Know that the flowers are you. Know that the mountains are you. Know that you are the air. You are water. And for now you are this human. You are all of it, yet you are none of it. Indefinable. Completely indefinable.


Spiritual Guide

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