Who decides what you deserve? Who judges and decides what anyone deserves? What does it mean to deserve something?

To deserve must mean to have earned it. Everyone will have different expectations of who you should be. Everyone will judge you differently, depending on their own rules and their own fears. This means it is literally impossible to live up to any ideal in order to deserve something, for instance love. Others judgments are useless and meaningless. You are the one who judges what you deserve. You might feel like others judge you, but as the creator of your reality, you are the one who allows or resists what is coming to you. You allow in some of your creations, watching the manifestation of them, and you resist other things. Others may judge you, but they cannot control what manifests into your reality. Only you can create in your life, and every creation is coming or not coming as a reflection of your vibration. Your reality is created by you. Your judgment of what you deserve is the only judgment that matters. What others think has no effect on what is manifested in your reality. If you think you deserve 1 million you will attract the million into your life, regardless of what others think you deserve. Their opinion only affects how you feel about yourself if you allow it to, it does not affect the creation in itself.

This means that you are the judge of what you deserve. What you allow yourself to receive is what you will get. If you think you deserve it, you will receive it. If you think you don’t deserve it, because you judge yourself unworthy, you will not allow yourself to receive it. You are the one who decides what you deserve. Why would you judge yourself to not deserve what you want? Because you believe in lack. Lack is an illusion.

Everything that exists is Source energy. This energy is limitless, endless and eternal, and it keeps expanding every second. That means that the energy supply is endless. Endless. As everything is this energy, it must also mean that everything created out of this energy is in endless supply. Abundance. Love. Power. Beauty. When something you want is in endless supply, it means you can take and take and take, and there will still be more than enough left to supply every other demand. It is endless. There are no limits to the energy with which you can create from. It also means it cannot be wasted. Because you can simply refill it at any time, as it is limitless and endless. So why would you need to earn something, or live up to a set of expectations when it is limitless in it’s supply? If it cannot be wasted, if there will always be enough, does the phrase “to deserve it” have any meaning at all? No, it doesn’t.

There is no “deserving”. To deserve something is a word and an idea created by society in order to control others. You do not have to earn anything in life, because you are the creator of your reality. You create everything that comes to you through your energy and in co-creation with the rest of Source energy that you are at one with. Everything that comes to you is of the energy that you are. You cannot earn it because it is not taken from anything or anyone outside of you, it is part of you. You are creating from your energy and shaping it into a different image of the same energy, and you are receiving your own energy when it manifests. You are simply recycling your energy and creating more energy from the energy that you are. As you desire something you call in energy, and as you vibrate the love energy that you are you expand and create more love energy. That is your nature. You create more love energy by default. You cannot not create. You simply decide what you wish to create, but the creation is always ongoing. As everything in your reality is your creation, you do not have to earn it. It is there anyway as a result of your desires. It is simply sitting there, in the non-physical, waiting for you to decide that you deserve it. This idea of deserving is a meaningless idea. YOU are the creator that creates. You don’t have to deserve anything. This reality is not one of deserving, it is one of creation. As you desire you create. You don’t deserve or not deserve, you want or you don’t want. If you want it, you can have it. There is no such thing as deserving anything. You can say you deserve it because you want it, but as you are creating everything you want anyways, you might as well allow yourself to receive it and use it. There is no deserving, there is only want or not want.

You can never deserve love. Or abundance. Because the concept does not exist. It is an idea of the illusion. You are love. You create love. Love is in endless and unlimited supply. There is no deserving, no earning, no good enough. There is only unlimited love energy to create with, and you are that one energy. You create from this energy, and you receive this energy if you allow yourself to receive it. You decide what you deserve.


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