You might ask « Am I enough? How can I be enough?», but that is not true. What is truth is that you are. To be enough is another definition. Enough is a meaningless label. Enough for who? How can you ever be enough for anyone else when everyone else has different desires, expectations for who you should be? You can never be enough for anyone who is not enough for themselves. So the only one you could be enough for is you. Can you be enough for yourself?

That is a meaningless question because you are. You are eternal. You are limitless. You are all that is. There is nothing more than you. Yet in this life and this exploration you are experiencing yourself as something less than all that is. You are experiencing yourself in an individual limited package. You believe there are boundaries and limits to who you are. So how could you be enough? If you have flaws. If there is lack in you. If you are not who and what you think you should be?

Because enough is an empty word. Enough is a meaningless label. It is a definition that is meaningless. You cannot fit into any definitions. You are more than any definition. Any definition will only be limiting. No definition can hold you or capture you. You are more than any definition. To be enough is a variable. There is no set description for what is enough. Why is there no description for what is enough? Because it does not exist. It is not real. It is a word. It is a collection of expectations that differ from each person. To even be enough for yourself, it is a meaningless word, a meaningless definition.

You are. That is all. You are. Enough does not exist. Enough is an illusion. You can never be enough because enough does not exist. You can never not be enough because that does not exist either. All that exists is you. Love. You are you. You are love. You are. There is no enough, it does not exist. Don’t let these words limit you. Don’t let these concepts of the mind limit you for they are not real. You are real, and you are.


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