Question: I’ve had ringing in my ears on and off for years now, and tinnitus too. What does this mean?

This is one of your ascension symptoms. That means that it may stay with you for quite some time, but not for the rest of your life. It could still be with you for several more years, as you raise your vibration. Very often physical pain and physical discomfort is a symptom you produce in order to anchor yourself into your body. And so it is for you. The tinnitus is a constant reminder to call yourself back into your body. Whenever you hear it, you may wish to escape it, but you are instantly called back into your own body, anchoring your presence and awareness of what is happening within you.

It may be challenging at times to hear anything but the tinnitus, but that is a valuable lesson in how to tune out the vibrations you are not interested in experiencing, and tuning into the experiences that you do desire. Through this fairly harmless symptom you get to practice being present in your body, tuning in to what you desire and tuning out that which is not important, focusing inwards on how you feel and what you want and tuning out the voices outside of you.

You get to practice being the creator of your reality through deciding which vibration to focus on, and then witnessing the result of your own power when you either focus on the tinnitus or focus on the silence beneath the tinnitus. You get to practice listening to what is going on within you, as opposed to constantly focusing outwards and trying to guess what others want from you or who they need you to be. You get to practice becoming more aware of you inner experience, and not just outside appearances. You get to practice being anchored in your physical vessel, in the body, and not just floating around in a million thoughts. The physical body immediately pulls you back into this moment, into what is happening now, rather than being in the past or the future.

It is easy to lose yourself in the outside experience. You can spend so much time and energy on observing those around you, wondering what they think of you, how you can make them happy, wondering what about you is wrong, and trying to calculate how you should behave depending on what would allow you to manipulate the situation into the least amount of triggers for yourself. This constant observing and calculating takes you away from the inner process. You are aware of others, but less aware of yourself. You may find out who they want you to be, but never truly discover who YOU want to be, and most of all who you really are right now.

By using the tinnitus as a reminder, a constant reminder, you can turn your focus inwards, every time you notice the tinnitus. You can move your mind from looking outside of yourself, to looking into your inner world. How do you experience yourself and your realities in this now moment? How do you feel? The constant ringing anchors you in the body, and when you are anchored in the body you are present to feel all your emotions, and to receive the information in those emotions. The body is your tool to understand both yourself, and your creation: your outside reality. It all meets in your body, in the meeting of the outside reality that is felt beneath the skin as your emotions move through you. The physical sensations of both fear and pleasure is felt in your body, as the body helps you understand what you are experiencing. Your non-physical thoughts float around, but the emotional reaction you have to every thought is once again felt in the body. It is the meeting place of non-physical and physical. The meeting place of creator and creation.

See yourself more from the inner perspective, focus more on who you are and what YOU want to do and be, and care less about what others want from you. Ground yourself into your physical body, so that you can be more present in the now, and not drift away into the future or the past. And like you said, the gift of acceptance, is your key to experience the reality that you dream of. With or without the tool of tinnitus, you get to experience yourself, the non-physical part of you, and your creation, the physical you, exploring your outside reflection/reality. The tinnitus is a reminder that you are changing and expanding, that you are ascending. It is a common physical symptom that tends to come and go, and it signifies change in frequency and adjustment to new dimensions. Every time you change a belief, or learn something new, you are moving into a new dimension. The physical body needs to adjust to this dimension, and so the frequency change often is experienced as a ringing in your ears. Take it as a reminder that you are changing, even when everything outside of you looks the same. The great changes happen within you, and at some point the outside will change too. In the mean time you have your tinnitus to remind you of how you are ascending, remind you to ground into the present now, anchor yourself in your body, and focus inwards.


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