Having very little money is a gift. And I know I am going to trigger a bunch of people saying this. But I can say it because I am one of those people. Let me explain the gift of having very little money:
In our society we equal money to safety. If you have money you “should” be safe. We crave money because it is perceived to bring us safety. And as a society we put safety before all else. We put safety above happiness, love, expansion, fulfillment and almost anything else. Why else would 90% of us see a 9-5 job as the solution to life? Why else would so many spend a decade educating themselves and learning, just so they can spend the next 4-5 decades trading 40 hrs a week for the payment of a morgage? 
When safety comes before expansion, before fulfillment and joy, you create a society of people who exchange their freedom for the perceived safety of a monthly paycheck. And yes, we all need to eat. Me too. But I feel a deep calling to attempt to wake up people from this slavery to the perception of safety in money. Money does not make you safe. Only YOU can make you safe. There are millions of people with more than enough money who don’t feel safe. And they never will as long as they outsource their feeling of safety to the inventment of numbers on a screen or printed paper and coins. Safety comes from trusting yourself and your own abilities, from trusting the Universe and your own inner wisdom. Safety is cultivated through experiences of overcoming and mastering risk and fear. Not through hoarding money.  Not through giving up on your dreams or your desire for fulfillment in exchange for a steady income. 
Is your 9-5 fulfilling? Does it light you up and put your soul on fire? Are you challenged and excited by the knowing that you will be working for another decade? Does your work provide you with the opportunities to explore and express your authentic self? I’m not telling you to quit your job. I’m asking you to ponder what gives your life meaning. I’m pleading you to inquire what makes you feel fulfilled. I’m begging you to reconsider how you spend the days of your life. 
Does it make you feel safe? Does it liberate you and give you the freedom to explore? Because I know I used to think money gave me the freedom to enjoy life. And for several hours every Friday or Saturday I would do that, unless I remembered that Monday was only hours away…  Just ponder how you are using the hours of your life. Do you want more, or are you fulfilled? Do you feel safe? Do you feel free? Are you living in alignment with your desires? 

I challenge you to think about your values.

What do you value, and what are you investing your time and energy into? Are you investing in yourself, or in material objects that make you feel empty and still searching? Do you take time out to nurture your emotional needs, to learn new things that satisfy your curiosity, to explore new parts of yourself that have been suppressed for years?

Let me ask you this: If you knew that the fulfillment of your desires and dreams was a given, that it was only a question of when and how, not a question of if – if you knew it was a given, how much time and energy would you invest in that journey? How many times would you get back up and try? How would you move through life if you KNEW you were safe and could not fail, and that life is meant to be exciting and fulfilling and to light your soul on fire? *just asking for a friend… 

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