When others don’t follow the rules you have agreed upon, it makes you insecure. Rules make you feel safe. They give you an opportunity to feel accepted, and give you a measurable way of knowing if you are good enough, or not, and how good or how bad you are. When you don’t follow the rules you feel a lot of guilt, believing it makes you unworthy and unlovable.

When others don’t follow the rules you believe they are also doing something wrong, and it angers you that they get away with this freedom and you don’t. You all seek freedom, freedom and expansion. That is your natural way of engaging in life. When you limit yourself through rules it creates a conflict within you. This conflict is always there rubbing up against you. You see others breaking these rules of the illusion, and you feel both the inspiration to follow their lead, and the urge to put them in their place for doing what you have not had the courage to do. Again this inner conflict arises. You have the innate desire to be free, and you have the taught desire to adhere to these set rules so you can be told you are worthy.

Conflict is resistance, but it is also an opportunity for changing your ways. The people who you see as breaking the rules are there to help you do the same. They are there for you to become aware of the rules that you are following, consciously or unconsciously. They are there so you can become aware of the rules and follow them if you choose to do so, or to let go of the need for these rules. If you cannot yet let go of the rules then we suggest at least you follow the rules with awareness. Awareness is the first step to freedom.

When you become aware of a rule you are imposing on others and yourself, you are doing so in order to free yourself from those restraints. You seek the freedom of no rules, of following your inner guide and joy. You do not need rules, for you are Source and all you do is right. There is no wrong. If you live in love, you naturally do and live in accordance with yours and everyone’s highest good. If you act from a place of resistance you are simply taking a detour, but it is still good and right. There is always benefits from each path and each event, both for you and all others involved. The Universe will always bring together those that benefits from it when you act from a place of resistance. There are no mistakes.

A rule is there to limit you, not to protect you. It is there for you and others to feel in control through limitations. This is not beneficial. This is of the illusion. You seek to exists beyond the illusion. For each rule you can let go of, seeing the limitation for what it is, you will become and create more freedom. You become freer and what you are, you will create. When you live from freedom and joy, you create a life of freedom and you. You vibrate what you are, and what you vibrate is reflected in your reality. When you allow yourself to not follow the rules of the illusion, you create freedom within yourself. You free yourself and vibrate more freedom. The reality around you, the reality you create for yourself then has to reflect this, and so you experience more freedom as a result. The reality will always reflect what is going on within you, as the game is created to guide you towards the complete being of love and light that you are. And as that being you are completely free.


Spiritual Guide


  1. LOVE!! Thank you… The word Rules has been significant in my recent life and this opens up a whole new avenue as I contemplate!

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