Be who you are and all else will fall into place. Who you are is love. Who you are is good enough, perfection, endless beauty. There is nothing or no one else you could be that would ever be as good as this, who you truly are.

Who you are is like a bespoke suit. Every single part of you is tailored just to the exact perfection that creates the beautiful you. Every minor detail, every seem, is created and adjusted just to fit to who YOU are. There is nothing random or flawed about who you are. Every single thing about you is perfect and carefully planned. Every trait you carry is intended to enrich this world with your grace and perfection, and we say you could not be any more perfect and splendid than the being that you are being today.

We see your worries and your trials, and all of this because of your inability to see the magnificent creature that you are. If you would only allow in the possibility of your perfection, of your perfect being-ness in every moment in time, you would allow in the love that you are to run your life. The love that you are is a mighty force that controls all that is. You are indeed all that is. This love is to be trusted. Trust yourself. Trust your abilities to live as you intended, to live as you dream of and to live as your highest expression of the force that you are. When you trust yourself and your own perfection in the being-ness that you are, when you trust your being in action, you will feel the force of this love flow through your creations with a mighty power.

Allow yourself to rest in the knowing that you are all you need to be, that you can do anything you need to do, that whatever is placed before you is what you are equipped to handle. Allow yourself to trust in the wisdom of who you are and to know that you are good. You are enough. You are who you are meant to be. You already are that one. There is no new edition of you that will finally be good enough. You already are that one. All that is needed is for you to look in the mirror and acknowledge it as you. You are the One. You are who you intended to be. You are enough.

Allow yourself to be who you are and all else will fall into place.


Spiritual Guide

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