Changing your beliefs: We all come into this life as perfect, beautiful beings. Then life happens! Did you know that you chose your family before you incarnated? The people you surround yourself with in your earliest years are here as the result of soul contracts. You chose what kind of environment to be impacted and influenced by. 

As we grow and expand, so do our fears and limiting beliefs. We limit our experience of live and what we believe is possible for us to achieve. We limit our expression of Self, in order to fit in or because we believe we are not good enough as we are. We limit how much we allow ourselves to receive. We limit our manifestation potential and even our hopes and dreams.

All of this is run by our pattern of thoughts, based on our chosen patterns of belief. Yes, chosen. As in you can change it! Through taking charge of that pattern of beliefs, you can change your experience of life. Life will still be a mix of wanted and unwanted, because the “unwanted” are experiences designed to help us expand and stretch beyond our current comfort zone. But you can learn to support yourself and adapt a pattern of thinking that allows you to actually enjoy that expansion! 

LONG TERM CONTAINER - 3 / 6 / 12 months

Imagine that you were committed to showing up for yourself, exploring your own patterns and beliefs, learning to appreciate and see your own beauty and value, diving into your shadow to transmute it into power.

Imagine that through this process you were seen, held, supported and guided through the ups and downs.

Imagine the expansion of this experience over months of committing to your own inner work.

I’m here to journey with you, to support you and challenge you if you are feeling the calling to do this work.
1 call every week, 3 months/6 months/12 months depending on how invested you are in your journey. 
$200 per month.
Email me at if you’re ready for that journey.


Private calls are my favorite tool for transformation! These containers allow us to go to the depths, to uncover layers upon layers of gold within the client. I love these calls for their intimacy and the connection that grows from these spaces. 

If you are interested in setting up a private call with me, please use link to schedule a time that works for us both. Calls are on Zoom, 60 mins, and the recording will be sent to you after the call. 



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