About Astrid

I started channeling in 2017. After a while I asked “them” for a name. I got “Laurel”. So that is what I choose to believe, that this group in the non-physical calls themselves Laurel when they are channeled through me Astrid.

As we left 2019 behind and entered 2020, a new group of energy came to my awareness. They are more masculine compared to Laurel, and they focus on Power and Leadership. They called themselves Maximos. Here is the first Maximos Group channeling session:

As a channel, what I receive is filtered through my own beliefs. That means that the message from the group Laurel is influenced by the human Astrid. It will never be 100% pure. It is simply a perspective. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. If it can help you in any way, good for you. Take what feels like truth to you and leave the rest.

“First Book of Laurel: Knowing You” can be fond on Amazon, kindle and paperback.