Your inner power is a source to be reckoned with. The power inside of you is the same power that creates the galaxies. The same power that makes the world turn and the planets align. It is the power that lets the Stars shine on the nighttime skies. It is the power that makes the Sun rise and set, the seeds turn into flowers and the fruit ripen. It is the beginning and the end, the path and the goal, the journey of life in all that is.

This is the power you can live from when you live as the one you truly are. This is the power that lets you create the life you so desire, to be the one you want to be, and to live with such love, abundance and joy in your hearth that you truly would never wish to be another. Remember, you are it all, and you can create the life you want, no matter where you are now, no matter what you think you lack, and no matter the size of life you want to live. It is all there available to you, it is all there waiting for you, longing for you to use it, to utilize it and create with it.

This power, this life-force, is what runs your life. What you are using now is only a fraction of all that is available to you. This force is endless, an endless, continuously replenished supply that never runs out. The more you use, the more you receive.

Imagine it like a river of slow flowing water. The rocks in the river are your doubts, your self-hatred, your resentment against yourself, your life, and against others. They are your judgments and your anger, your old wounds and aches, friends and enemies yet to be forgiven by you. These rocks slow down the water. It makes it soggy and dull. If you remove the rocks one by one, the water will flow freely, faster, stronger. The source of the water, the waterfall further upstream, will increase as your desire and the love in you melts the ice around your heart.

The ice melts, and the waterfalls explode with force. The water flows with great speed up the river, washing away the muddy sand at the bottom, washing away the wounds and the hurts, washing away the old pain. This water, this force is what will take you along to where your desires reside. This force will move you, sometimes gently and sometimes with great speed as you shriek with joy and glee, to where your greatest gifts and joys are abundantly waiting for you to come live them. They are there, they are there just for you, and only you. They are waiting for you, urging you on, pulling on your heart and trying to call you forward.

This is the price, the reward for living as who you truly are: an abundance you cannot imagine beyond your wildest dreams, a love so great your heart cannot hold any pain, and joy in endless supply, day in, day out. Forever giving, forever loving, forever living as who you truly are.

There is nothing to fear, nothing that can hurt you. Many of you will object to this sentence, as many of you have been hurt. But was it really other people that hurt you, or was it you? It was your perception of the situation that made it into a good thing or a bad thing. In your perception you judge, and with your judgment you attach a feeling to the situation. This feeling is either good or bad. The feeling is all up to you, to your perception and your judgement. Sometimes you have judged and perceived it as a bad thing in the moment, and then later when your feelings have calmed down and the fear is not as strong, you will rethink, change your perspective and judge it as a good experience. By doing this you will change your feelings and your memories of the situation.

All your experiences are stored in the body as memories. You may think they are stored in the mind, but this is simply a simplified approach. Your feelings, your experienced feelings are stored as memories in your body. These memories do not depict what happened, they are copies of how you perceived it to happen and what you judged this experience to say about you. All your memories are based around how they made you view yourself and how they made you feel about yourself. Your world revolves around you. All of it.

Sometimes you may experience situations that you deem as negative, meaning you perceive them to say something about you that you do not like. Mostly this is when other people categorize you as something you have judged as wrong or bad. You do not like when others make you feel or think you are bad or wrong. You live in a society where it is fundamental to believe that others know you better than you do yourself. You accept that others have the right to tell you who and how you are, and also who and how you should be. Almost always, these to concepts do not match.

When you base your truth on something outside of yourself there will always be conflict. Everyone wants you to be the person that best compliments and mirrors them, and as most of you meet and greet more than one person in your lifetime, these wishes will naturally clash and create an inner conflict in you. As long as you build your Self on the outside world, on what someone else wants you to be, you will find conflict within. Conflict creates pain and sorrow, which again manifests as either painful conditions outside of you, of pain in the body.

Build your Self on guidance from within, and the world will reflect love and peace. Build your Self on love and peace, because that is what is within you, and your body, your conditions, and your mind will BE love and peace.


Spiritual Guide

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