You cannot find what is “not enough” in you because it is an illusion. It does not exist. It is not there.

As you created yourself, as you chose your traits, your body and your personality, you chose a complete package. If you had been born with only one arm, that would still be a complete package. In all of creation there is nothing incomplete. The dark holes of the Universe, the “empty” places, are not empty. They are not mistakes. They are full of energy, vibrant and alive energy of the same love vibration that exists everywhere. There is nothing created in all of creation that is not complete within itself. This completion in the micro is a reflection of the perfection and completion of the macro. As Source and “All that Is” is the one and same energy, the one and same creation, All that Is (everything in existence) must be a part of the One energy. This one energy that is Source energy is whole. It is a oneness with no separation. That means that as there is no separation anywhere in creation there is also no place or space in creation that has pieces of “nothing” in it. Every piece of creation is complete. Because there literally exist no holes, no separation within it. If so, it would not be a “One”. It would be a “one thousand” or “two”.

This is a perfect opportunity to leave the illusionary perception. You are enough. You know that theoretically. You are your fullness and completion and there can never be anything missing or lacking in you. All lack is of the illusion. The perception of lack is an illusion. Instead of trying to change the illusion, try to bypass the illusion. See yourself outside of the illusion. Perceive who you are, in your truth. Find yourself as who you really are. That being that exists outside of the illusion. The being that is playing with the illusion. That being is more than the illusion. That being is what is creating the illusion, which means it can also choose to perceive what is outside of the illusion. You have that choice. You have that ability. You are now at a point where you can live in the illusion but not be consumed by it. You can feel in the illusion and take pleasure in the experiences of the illusion, while BEING of the truth. You CAN see yourself in truth, and still play in the illusion. Move your perception of yourself to the inner core that is truth. Move your perception of yourself in to the Source part of you that knows, and sees, and feels the truth of who you really are. This part is without fear. You can live from this part, while exploring the illusion. 


Spiritual Guide

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