The message is always one of love. Your children are here to teach you about love. Love is freedom. Love is power. Love is compassion. Love is truth. Love is authenticity. Love is confidence. Love is peace. Love is the discovery of who you are.

Your children are here to discover the love that they are. You are here to discover the love that you are. In your children you see unconditional love. In your children you see strength and purity of heart. In your children you see the honesty of baring your emotions, of being who you are, regardless of what others want you to be. In your children you see the power of manifestation, when they seem to control their world without even lifting a finger. How often do you notice them running the show? How often do you find yourself doing what they want even if you desire something else? They want with a clear intention, they live with less inner limitations, they have yet to doubt their own power.

As you have grown into adulthood, you have learned to adapt. You have learned to fit in. You have learned to please. Your children know how to live from their inner joy, rather than asking others what they want. Your children know how to shine their light, even when others want them dimmed. Your children knows how to be loud and speak their truth, even when you tell them to quiet down. They will not be silenced. They will not be ignored. They still remember their worthiness. They still feel the love that they are. They know they have earned their place here. So have you. You just forgot. 

Your guides want to you know who you are. Trust yourself. You are your power. You are your own guide. You are the beacon shining your light on the path to your true self. It is you. It has always been you. Don’t seek the answers outside of you. You are the answer. And you are forever loved, as you are the love that loves you too. 

You can never make a wrong move, or step outside of your path. The path can only be seen where you have already walked. The path is behind you. You create the path as you journey it. Ahead of you is only forests and untrod ground. Behind you is the path you have walked. Your footprints guides those that come behind you, but in front of you is only pure potential. Use the potential to expand into more of you, more of love, more of that which you are. It is already there, within. Bring it forth into the dimension of your now moment, manifesting who you are into the present moment. Be who you are, in this moment, be who you are.

Every manifestation you experience is one of love. Every manifestation event you live through with your kids is one of love. They are freedom. Your children still remember freedom. They wish to teach you about freedom. Do you listen, or do you try to teach them the captivity you have lived in? Try to go within before you teach. Go within and ask for the path of freedom to be shown to you. Is it aligned with how you have been living? Is your solution something you wish to create more of for your children? Did your solution make you happy? 

Your children are happy. Maybe they know something you don’t? Maybe you could learn their ways instead of correcting them to do it your way? Shelter them from how you have been trained to be, let them be who they are. They know the way already. They know much more than you. 

Every event is for you to seek more love. Less fear. Less limitations. Less outside pressures and rules. More love within. More love going from you and out into the world. More love, more freedom, more space to breathe. Let them play, and let yourself play along. They know more than you do. Learn from them. They know more than you do. 

With our love we let you go into the world,




Spiritual Guide

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