We are built for growth and expansion. We are designed to move into new territory and to discover new shores, both within ourselves and our own energies, and in the external world. But most of the time we seek out the exact opposite.

Most of the time we seek safety and comfort. We seek stability and smallness. We seek to hide and be invisible, yet we yearn to be seen for who we truly are. Our fear of change and growth limits our expansion, and so we sacrifice our yearnings for expansion for the illusion of safety. We sacrifice our need to be seen for the safety of fitting in. We exchange our desire for inner growth for the perceived comfort of not having to face our own fears and self imposed limitations. 

How do we do this? By choosing to surround ourselves with people who support our smallness. People who support our own limitations because they have those same fears and want you to stay small together with them so they don’t have to be alone. When you surround yourself with people who support your smallness you are surrounded by those who enable your limitations. You literally choose to create a supportsystem for limitation and fear. 

You avoid people who trigger you, and you avoid those that call you out on your bullshit. You avoid those that challenge you to push past your own fear, avoid those that push you to do more and reach higher. When the discomfort of perceived failure hits us, we blame those that encouraged us to even try. We blame those that believed in us and told us to give it a go, rather than taking responsibility for how we give up at the first or 100th sign of a challenge. 

Who are you surrounded by today? Are you surrounded by people who challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone? Are you surrounded by people who see you as powerful and who treat you as that power? Or are you surrounded by people who support you in your smallness, who enable you to stay safe and not go for what you really want?

Achieving your dreams will cost you. It will cost you your perceived smallness and your limting beliefs. It will cost you to let go of “I can’t” and “I’m not good enough”. It will require you to exchange smallness supporters for those that cheer you on your journey of expansion and encourage you to give it a try and even to fail. Failure is practice for success, and it is the journey of growth. But if you choose supporters who also fear failure, and if you choose your comfort zone and avoid those that push you to let go of seeing yourself as a victim, then you will stay in that same smallness and lmitation. 

Your dreams are there to get you to move out of that comfort zone. Your dreams exist to move you beyond this current landscape of smallness and doubt. But are you supporting your own expansion through the environment you plant yoruself in? Do you choose an environment of expansion and challenges, or an environment that supports your smallness?


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