Tina: OK. Sometimes I feel connected to others that have passed on. And then I talk to them I hear them and I’m wondering sometimes if it’s my ego or them really or if I’m making this shit up. Is it all imagination or what.

LAUREL: Sometimes it’s you because you need love. You need to feel that connection. Usually when you get messages from them it’s not as much words. It’s more just the feeling of being loved or being appreciated. And maybe memories, or images. Sometimes you might get messages and words but that hasn’t happened so far because the connection needs to be clear, pure without the attachments that you now have to those that are passed.

There’s a lot of history and a lot of emotions within you that creates a sort of filter. That is difficult to push through for both sides. So usually the messages that you get are mostly feelings and emotions. And those feelings you can trust because it’s always the feeling of love. But the messages might be more what you want to hear because you miss them or you need to connect with them. However we would recommend that you pay attention to these messages, because even though it might not be messages from someone else, it’s messages that some part of you wants and needs to hear. So it could be your subconsciousness or your ego trying to tell you “Listen I need you to love me in this way. I need you to support me in this way. I need something from you that you’re not giving me”. Which means that you need something from yourself that you’re currently not giving to yourself. And whatever it is that need is, it’s something that you can give to yourself, that you have the resources to give to yourself. And so it’s important that you listen to the messages, because it’s not your ego, or parts of yourself giving messages to yourself just to annoy you, or to make fun of you. These messages are being communicated because there is a need within you. That need, It would benefit you to heal or to help. It would benefit you to listen to the voice to become aware of the message of the need that is within you, and then to fulfill that need within yourself.

Tina: And so the need probably is about love. Yeah. So. So how do I connect with love more?

Laurel: You connect with your own love by going within. The only love that there is, is your love. That is what you feel, when you feel connected. When you feel love from someone else. When you feel that connection of love to someone else it’s mostly your own love that you’re feeling. You do feel other people’s love too, but you first have to connect through your own love. So unless you love yourself you will not be able to feel their love. So first and foremost you go within and feel your own love. You do this byal calming yourself down, giving yourself time and space to seek within. And then you have to accept the way you feel today. If it’s maybe anger towards yourself, or if it’s lack for something. Before you can seek that good feeling place, before you can seek the love, you have to accept what is today. You have to accept how you’re feeling. You have to accept what you just did. You have to have to accept who you’re being in this moment. Through this acceptance of who you are, and what you are doing and feeling and being in the moment, you can dive deeper into the love that you are.

The way to the love, to your love, always goes through accepting what is, and what you are. Once you’re there, once you have accepted the moment as it is, you will find a core within you that feels good. And it might not feel like the big love that you’re imagining, but it will feel like safety. It will feel like peace and you will feel secure and nurtured within this. If you’re having a bad day it could actually feel overwhelming, because that love is unconditional and it’s the love that you keep denying yourself. But it is there. It is within you and you do have that ability to love even yourself unconditionally. That power and that ability, and that capability is always there. Even though you don’t necessarily dig into it all the time. Because even digging into it will feel fearful, because you have so many doubts of whether or not you are deserving of this love. But if you’re able to accept yourself, you open the door to this love. And you will find, if you quiet your mind, you will find that complete and unconditional love within you that you are.

The reason why you have to quiet your mind before you can find it is because your mind will start with all these. These doubts “do I really deserve this? Should I be loving myself? But I did something wrong today or the other day. Do I even deserve feeling good? Am I worthy of my love? It’s probably not a real thing. I shouldn’t be allowing myself”. So that is why you have to quiet the mind before you can go through the door of acceptance, and into who you are.

But you can also quiet your mind through this acceptance. If you accept that sometimes you do bad things, what you perceive as bad things, you can hush down the voices to such a degree that you can enter into the acceptance and into the love. And once you find that love, that will also help to quiet down more of your thoughts. Your doubts of being unworthy of this love. So as soon as you’re able to tap into that love, the love will produce more love to help you stay attached to the love. And the more you can practice tapping into this love and staying within the peace that is you, this unconditional love; the more you can tap into it, the more it will expand and become.

If you picture it as being deep within your core, the more you tap into it the more you open the door so that it can leak out. And it will sort of come closer to your ribs, so that it will be more easily accessible. Of course this is just an image, but the more you tap into it, the more it moves into the rest of your being. And it will be easier for you to tap into it because you don’t have to reach so far, because the layers of these negative beliefs will be thinner. There will be more holes in it because of your ability to love yourself, so the fears will weaken, the negative beliefs will weaken. And the love is able to push through from the inside and it will be easier to reach in and connect with that love.

Tina: OK. And so I meditate for 15 minutes a day, what does that mean specifically then, should I…? What should I do differently?

LAUREL: It means that if you during the day, if you have an experience of disconnect, or if you seek something from within. If you have a longing for more love, or if you feel upset, or feel a negative emotion in any way. Then it’s important, or it would be helpful in those moments, not only during meditation but in those moments of disconnect. To try to take that time and space maybe. Remove yourself from other people if you can. And if not. Just remove yourself. Sort of by spacing out and taking that time to connect again, and find that love. Because if you can take that time, not just in the morning or before you go to bed, but take that time during the day. You will realign and you will soothe yourself through connecting into that unconditional love. And not staying in this constant stream of worry or self-doubt.

So it’s important during the day when you feel these negative beliefs, or emotions do come up in you. That you’re able to disconnect them to cut them off. And you do this by taking time to reconnect within, more like a time out. In the moment. So that you can reconnect to the love, and disconnect the stream of negative emotions and thoughts that are running through you. So you disconnect the negative emotions, the negative beliefs, just stop them where they are, and you reconnect to the love. In the moment. It doesn’t have to be for a long time, it’s just a matter of reconnecting. And once you’ve done that, even if you’re not able to stay into this love, you have stopped the constant stream of negative thoughts. And so. just the stopping of it will lessen it once it starts again, because the momentum will have been stopped. So even though the negative thoughts might start again, they’re starting from scratch instead of just being in this continuous stream.


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