Excerpt from our online course SOUL EMBODIED (linked)

Spend as much energy and time on looking inwards as you do on looking outside. You are always guided and supported, but you can choose to not listen to that information. You can choose to distract yourself from your inner world by always being busy and entertained. The connection to your inner world is always ON, but you can choose to tune out and not listen. Just like you can now choose to tune IN and start to listen. The more you practice listening inwards, noticing and feeling your feelings, the more nuances you will notice. Your feelings carry information, both about why you are feeling this way, and on what needs to heal and change within you. But you have to be willing to listen and to feel, in order to receive that information. Focus more on YOU, and less on what other people want from you. 

In order for you to fully tap into your inner power, the power of who you are, you must be who you are. In order to become who you truly are, you must allow yourself to fully be who you are today. Right now you are a mixture of who you think you should be, who you think others want you to be, and who you think you are not. You are not showing up as the full expression of who you are. How do we know this? Because that is a part of the game that Humanity is currently engaged in. Due to the very common misconception that you are not good enough, that there are rules for who you should be, that there is a wrong and right way to be, all humans limit themselves and pretend to be who they are not. Everyone wears masks in order to hide their true self, and try to live up to outer and inner expectations. Very few are authentic. Being authentic is your key to ascension, and your key to tapping into more of the power that you are. Authenticity is your key to living as the full expression of your Divine self, the Divine Human Being.



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