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Question to Laurel: So, lately, I’ve been feeling out of sorts. I could just jump out of my body and I understand that this could mean some type of a shift. Is this truly a shift to a different level or is my Inner Being trying to like shake me up and say, ‘Hey, you need to pay attention in another direction’?

LAUREL’s answer:  This is the shift. You know this. You don’t need anyone outside of you to tell you because you know this. Trust your own inner guidance, trust yourself, because you know it is your Inner Being. And most of all–you–the human knows it. You have done this for years and you recognize the circle–the loop. You know that after a high when you’re at the top of one dimension… after a high… you will be transported. This energy of being ‘on top’ is going to help you jump into the next dimension… but then you’re at the bottom and you’re in a new place, a different place. You need to assimilate to the energies. You need to readjust. You need to find your footing. You need to feel comfortable in your body again. It’s like getting to know yourself all over.

Not only did the reality around you change, you changed, as a result of the energy that you were able to fill yourself up with.  You jump dimensions and you are now at a new level. You’re a new being compared to who you were before you made that shift. You’re still you – but you will perceive yourself differently and you need to adjust yourself… to this dimension and to adjust yourself to your body–into this new being that you are. You need to figure out; “who am I, what do I want to do? Do I like this? Why am I not who I used to be?”  So, this shift brings up a lot of fear because suddenly you’re thinking in a very different way from what you used to think…maybe only yesterday or a week ago.

These intense energies that are coming in during these three months… now these intense energies are making these big shifts easier and very possible for all of you.  These are so intense–high energies–coming in and so if you’re anywhere near this shift you will be fueled and making the shift (even though you are not necessarily at the top–maybe you’re just 2/3 of the top) up to the top of the way, you might have a bit more in this dimension to explore but because of these intense energies coming in…they are lifting you and fueling you and making you, helping you, make that jump more easily now than you would have done previously.

So, you’re shifting quicker and you’re doing bigger shifts. You’re jumping more dimensions, more layers, into higher levels. It’s like you’re suddenly going from step one to step ten and you didn’t get the chance to do those other steps, so naturally, once you get into this new dimension–this new being that is you–you need some time to readjust. “Why am I not thinking how I used to think only a week ago or a few days ago?” Why is my thought process not similar?” “Why am I not feeling the way I used to feel?” “Why am I experiencing myself as if I’m someone else within me?” “How can I be someone else?”  “Who am I if I’m not who I used to be?” There are so much unknowns in this dimension because the shift was so sudden and so large.

You’re now exploring more of the nuances of who you are and because you are at a higher level you also explore outer corners the far reaches. You’re exploring that with more sensitivity and you’re asking yourself; “But what is this? I didn’t know I had this part in me? Have I had this part of me all the time? What is this? How do I accept this? How do I include this into the being that I now am because this was not a part of me before? Who is it?  Is it really supposed to be here? Am I supposed to feel this? Am I supposed to think this? Where are these thoughts coming from?”

There are so many questions and there is so much fear because you are doing these shifts quicker.  They are bigger but this is something that you have practice in doing, and this is something that you need to practice more and more… because it’s going to be happening more and more, more frequently and larger and larger shifts. As we get into these energies more and more (now for a short amount of time) so you simply have to find a way to keep up with it.

The best way to do that is to surrender and let go and not try to control it. When you have this need to control, and to be in control, it’s contrasting with the part of you that is changing and shifting into something new. When you’re shifting into something new, you’re letting go of the old and you’re stepping into unknown territory.  This unknown territory is both the reality around you and the parts of you that you have not explored in this lifetime.  The parts of you that have always been there but that you have not explored, not in this lifetime, maybe not in the previous lifetimes either, but they have always been there.

These parts of you — this potential that is out there — that is now — that has been unexplored… this is all very new to you and you cannot explore it if you keep trying to control. Through controlling, you’re going to try to want to stay within the safe boundaries of what is known to you.  That helps you to feel safe but you cannot control what is unknown.  So, unless you want to stay in your small hidden space (which is impossible now because the energies are forcing you to expand), the energies are moving you to new levels. You’re trying to control yourself as you trying to stay in the old you instead of moving and exploring this new reality that you have already shifted into. The old you does not exist anymore. She is not there.  So that brings up even more pain because you’re trying to hold on to a part of you that is no longer there.  You’re trying to hold on to something that is an illusion.  It does not exist anymore and the fear of exploring this unknown is a huge contrast to what you’re trying to control.

You cannot control your way into the unknown. You have to let go in order to not feel this contrast and if you can let go of control—if you can let go of control…a little less fear you will feel because the fear is largely felt because you want to control but you can’t control it.  But, if you give up the need for always controlling, then you will not feel that fear.  The fear is not so much the unknown.  It’s the fear of this feeling of not being able to control.  So the best thing for you to do is to give up… to know that you cannot control and then just ease your foot out over the line of your safe space… and try to test out the waters; “Where am I who…What is this reality?”

You cannot control yourself.  You cannot control your way into this new unexplored territory.


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