The fact that you find it difficult to relate to all the fear out in society, is a sign of how you have expanded. Now you can see more clearly how there truly is a difference in your perception of reality, and that of the masses. You are living much in the same reality, but you perceive it very differently, and so you experience very different realities.

You know that you are the creator of your life, and so it is difficult to go along with the fear of being a random victim. If you do get sick, it is something you have attracted through being a vibrational match to it. You could get sick in order to boost your immune system for the next wave. You could get sick because you need some quiet time and time to relax, and this is a good excuse. You could get sick because your body is adjusting to the new energies, and so the process of letting go of old wounds and allowing in new light is physically draining on the body. Or you could stay healthy, because you don’t need to get sick. In any other situation, you getting a cold or getting the flu would not be the end of the world. You would adjust your everyday life, and wait it out until you were well again.

Most people who gets sick will not die. If they die, the illness is simply the chosen method and this time is the chosen time to transition. There are no victims, there are just a wide variety of experiences to choose from, and this illness is one of them.

As you watch the masses go into more and more fear due to this seemingly “out of my control” situation, you can see the difference your perspective creates, compared to the perspective of the masses. Do you see how you create a different experience, due to your beliefs? You are living in the same outwards conditions, with the same “health threat”, the same media reports, the same exposure to the virus. And yet, your experience of a threat, of being a victim, your experience of fear, is very different than the experience of the masses. Your experience of yourself, of your own power in this world, is very different than the experience of the masses. In a way, the new outside “threat” is enforcing your feeling of inner power, of being in control through not needing to control the outside world. The outside chaos is a clear contrast to the inner peace.

The new energies coming in will intensify the contrast between you and the masses. The more that the masses go into the experience of fear, the more you will feel that there is very little fear left within you. You cannot relate, you cannot feel the same level of fear, even if you can understand them because you still remember who you used to be. But you still cannot feel the fear, because that level of fear is no longer a match to your vibration. The level of fear that you are able to tap into, is at all times the level of fear that you carry within you. When you are engaged in a process of letting go of fear, and you have been doing this for a long time, you let go of much of the fear that you have gathered within you during your life here. As you let go of this fear, you are no longer a match to it. You simply cannot feel it, connect to it, if it is no longer within you. It is impossible for you to reach that same level of fear, because you have let go of so much fear already. Simply put: there is less fear within you to feel, compared to the amount of fear that is still left within most other people.

When you do feel yourself slipping into doubt, or some fear, just let it go. Realize it is just the momentum of your old beliefs. It is just an old habit, with very little fuel. If you have had long hair for many years, and suddenly cut it short, you may find yourself trying to touch the hair on your shoulders for a few days, even if it is no longer there. It is just a habit of movement stored in your body, not a sign that the hair is bothering you. You move just because it has become a habit of yours, not because you feel bothered by the hair. And then, once you get used to not having to push away the long hair anymore, you will stop the automatic movement, because it is no longer necessary. For a short while, you may feel the pull into fear, but once you are there it is as if there is no energy behind the fearful thoughts. You just can’t seem to get engaged, or truly worry. You went to the fear place just out of habit, but now that you are there, you notice it is empty. In a short while you will stop going there, because you have experienced enough times that there truly is no fear for you. So you stop the old pattern of moving into fear, and you just stay in peaceful acceptance, knowing that you are the Power.


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