Everything in your reality has something to do with you. If you feel there is a health scare in your outside conditions, this is a reflection of your belief in a power outside of you, that is greater than you and that can harm you. If you believe you can get any illness without being a match to that illness, and without you attracting this, then you believe there is a power outside of yourself that is greater than you. You are choosing to perceive yourself as a victim, and choosing to not see yourself as the creator of your life.

In this time of awakening there is a great deal of resistance needing to be cleared out. In the history of humans there has always and constantly been diseases, illness, wars and disasters. The transition into non-physical will always be a great opportunity for expansion and experience, and to die from illness is going to be different from dying in war, or dying from old age. At certain points in the human history, there will be heightened energies coming to your planet. These energies are always by design, by intention, and to help you raise your vibration. When the higher energies meet your own individual energy, there is an immediate clearing that starts within your energy field. All the resistance that you have been carrying, are still carrying, reacts to this high vibrating light, and is brought to the surface. Often this can be felt as flu-like symptoms in the physical body. Because the energies are very powerful and are arriving to Earth at a certain time, meaning these are centered around a certain period of what you perceive as time in your reality, they affect many people at the same time. This raised vibration of the collective will in turn help raise the vibration of the rest of humanity, helping to awaken and start the ascension for more and more people, within a fairly short amount of time.

Your focus on disease and your fears around aging and illness, is a sign of limiting beliefs around your own power as the creator of your life. In the search for your own inner power, why do you choose to focus on outside conditions that seems threatening? Why do these diseases worry you? If you want to control your health, control your vitality and your physical well being, then control your limiting beliefs. Work on letting go of fears, and focus on how you are the creator of your life. You could argue that you are not worried, it is just something you see in everyone else, or so many of those around you. Yet, if you see it in your outside reality, it is a reflection of something within yourself. And the fact that you are perceiving so many to be concerned and worried about disease, is a reflection of that same focus within you. How you perceive the world around you, is based in your own set of beliefs. Your beliefs filters your perception, and creates the perspective that focuses on either perfect health or disease, on inner power or the feeling of outer control.

You have all the power in your reality. You can choose to focus on all the things outside of you that you could perceive as a threat. You can choose to focus on everything you see wrong in other people, or the masses in general. You can choose to legitimize your fears due to what you see happening outside of you. Or you can choose to focus on how you are the one who attracts all of this into your reality, including the perception of a health scare. But why do you care? If you felt no fear around this, why would you care what they think? And is your perception accurate, or could it be that you attract the kind of people who reflect your own beliefs back to you?

Everything in your reality has a purpose, both for you, as a mirror, and for the other ones who are part taking in it through their own reality that is linked to yours. Everything you perceive in the outside world tells you something about you. No incident will ever happen randomly, or for no reason. The tapestry of your reality, and the greater reality where all humans and All Beings co-create, is designed down to the tiniest molecule, and nothing is ever happening for no reason.


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