When you act from your power, in alignment with who you are, you are always exploring something that is tied into your purpose, your intentions for this life. When you act in alignment with your inner guidance, you are allowing your power to rise forth, and you fuel yourself with this energy of the essence of who you are: Source energy. 

This is the power that moves mountains. This is the power that creates planets and galaxies. This is who you are, and this is the power that runs through you, and the power you have access to.  Everything you seek, is within you. The power is not outside of you, it is found deep within your core. Are you comfortable exploring the depths of who you are? Do you dare to dive deep within?  

You are constantly being guided through life, by your Soul (you), by angels and guides, by non-physical Spiritual Teachers, and by the conditions of your life, as well as your emotions. But do you know how to read the signs? Do you know how to interpret this guidance? Do you know how to understand what the outside reality is reflecting back to you? 

Awareness is the first step. The next step is to know how to interpret all the signs and guidance that is always there. In this course we teach you how to do this. We teach you how to connect inwards, how to understand the guidance that is always flowing to you. In other words: we teach you how to speak the Language of Life.

Abundance is a frequency. 

This frequency is then translated into an experience through your feelings. 

You can live an abundant life, yet experience lack. You can carry both the frequency of abundance and lack within you, and your beliefs will determine which frequency is translated into your experience. 

Your experience of abundance is therefore determined by your beliefs, and by your choice of perception. Your beliefs can enhance your abundance vibration, or enhance your lack vibration, as they are both expressions of the same energy, two polarities of the same energy.  

Why Self Acceptance is so important: 

Self-acceptance is the key to your reality. How you perceive yourself will define how you perceive the world around you, and how you judge what happens as wanted or unwanted. Your perception of self colors the way you judge your world as adequate, as great, or not good enough. 

The perception of self as not good enough leads to an assessment of a reality outside of yourself that is not good enough. Your reality must reflect your beliefs, and it does so down to every minute detail. It is the perfect reflection of how you feel about yourself, and it is so in order to make you understand your own perception.

You are the one holding yourself back. AND ONLY YOU CAN SET YOU FREE. You create your reality. You are the only one that can make your dreams come true, and you are the only one holding yourself back. What do you truly, really want? 

Your desires all come from a pool of energy within you. That energy is created from your Soul Intentions. If you want something, you can have it, and your desires are the Human way of interpreting your Soul Intentions. In order to get the things you dream of, you need to change. That change is what the Soul wants, but as a human you may struggle to make those changes, due to your limiting beliefs about yourself and your reality.

Your body is the result of what you believe to be your truth. Your perception of self influences how your body shapes itself. Your beliefs around food and weight influences the body. Your connection to your body as your home, and the feeling of being safe in your body or the lack thereof, influences how your body looks and feels.

Learning to connect with your body is more than just noticing when you are starving or full. It is about being in tune with your natural needs and desires. It is about listening and understanding the signals your body sends you, and differentiating when it needs food nourishment and when it needs touch/love/kind words/rest nourishment.


So many of us go through life feeling like we never fit in, like we are too different, or just plain wrong. We struggle our way through daily life, and we feel like we just can’t make it no matter how hard we try. You know why? 

Because we came in built for a New Earth. 

We came in with heightened sensitivity, with emotional intuition and an ability to connect with the non-physical through our inner senses. We came in with everything needed to live in the higher dimensions. 

This means that we are not equipped to live life the old way, through hard work. We are built for vibrational manifestation, using our heightened senses to attune our vibration. We are not built for struggle, but for ease.

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