There are other dimensions/realities apart from Earth that allows for the experience of fear, yes, and the beings there operate from a mix of fear and love, just like you do here on Earth. What we like to point out, is that regardless of what exists on other planets, no one outside of you has the power to create in your reality. And also, if you wish to explore being in fear of others, or feeling like a victim, there are more than enough villains right there on your planet. There is no need to reach for a villain in a different Universe, or galaxy.

But yes, some of the humans on Earth believe that others can hurt them, and some believe that there are energies/entities that can cause them harm. When they believe this, they often also believe in the need to protect themselves through items that of course they must pay for… It is a natural extension of the illusion of fear, the belief in victims, that others can harm you. Some are so deeply entrenched in their fear that they believe unseen energies can harm them, and deliberately seek them out in order to steal their energy or hurt them. This is an experience like all other experiences. It is highly influenced by fear, and it is highly influenced by the belief of separation from Source. If you believe there is no separation, then you must also believe we are all love, and then you would know that Love cannot hurt you. If you are the same Source as “they” are, then you cannot be taken advantage of, you cannot be powerless while they are powerful. If we are all One, we are all the One Power, equally powerful. For some who live in fear, believe in separation, and also does not believe that they create their own reality, then these entities would seem harmful.

Even if you do not believe that you create your reality, you still do. Even those who feel like victims create their reality. So if you are someone who believes in these dark and negative entities, and you believe they can harm you, then you will create a reality where you feel this to be true. Your reality must reflect your beliefs, and so whatever you believe will feel true to you. You will create the feeling of having negative energy around you, and you will react to this energy with fear, intensifying whatever negative feelings you already have within you. You will feel fear, and blame it on outside energies. This is a very common pattern of reacting, a common mindset, where you blame others for the negative feelings you have. Rather than recognizing that it is you, and your own fear that makes you feel bad, you choose to blame it on those around you. In this case those around you would be “dark entities” only felt as energy, which explains to you why you don’t see anything or why you don’t feel bad as the result of for instance an argument. This explanation of blaming others for your pain, lets you hold on to the pain and fear, and shields you from having to actually deal with your issues. For as long as you deny the fear, and blame it on others, you don’t have to face it or change your beliefs. It is so much easier, in the short run, to blame it on others, than to take responsibility for your feelings and beliefs, and take responsibility for the reality you create for yourself.

What you might call dark energy, would be energy that is fear. Such as sadness, anger, jealousy, hatred. It is emotions (energy, like everything else is also energy in it’s essence) and feelings that are based in fear, representations of fear energy. It is labeled darkness as opposed to the Light (love energy), but because all that exists is Love/Light/Source energy, it means that fear is nothing more than a nuance of Love/Source energy. It is a feeling/energy that holds a lower vibration, and because you feel better holding higher vibrations, it is better for you to let go of the fear and allow yourself to vibrate more light and love. Your limiting beliefs are based in fear, and you feel bad when you believe in these limitations, for instance that you are unworthy. Often the process of letting go of fear, of not being afraid anymore, of changing your beliefs to those that don’t limit you but support you, is described as letting go of darkness. This is simply a way to clarify the process of letting go of fear and allowing in love in it’s place, where “dark” is the opposite of “light” and these labels helps people to understand. The truth is that all energy you see as light or dark, colors, solid objects, feelings, is simply energy vibrating at different vibrations. What you label blue is light at a certain vibration. But communication is easier when you use the label blue.

Darkness is just fear, a nuance of Source energy that allows you to explore this energy, Love energy, in depth and width. Just like cold helps you understand heat, fear helps you understand love. But also fear is love energy, it is Source energy. If it exists, it is Love. When you imagine something, that energy exists in non-physical. So when someone imagines a dark entity attacking them, is it real? It is a real thought yes, and that thought is energy. But we would not agree that the “attacking” is real, because this thought is simply vibrating what you created it into being, and that is Source energy. How you choose to perceive it is also your creation, and if you choose to see it as dangerous and attacking you, in order for you to feel fear and explore that, then that is also a choice and a creation that you make.


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