When you are enjoying your dream you are enjoying it because of how it feels. You might believe the details will make you feel good, but that is not necessarily the case. You could argue that you know those details would make you feel good, because you have enjoyed them before, or now. But the interesting thing in this picture is you.

You do not know who you will be when this dream comes into your reality. You have no idea how much you will have changed, or how you will have changed. This dream is built from the vibration you are currently at, but the manifestation will be of the vibration that you hold once you reach a vibe that is a match to that specific dream. All the changes you go through on your path to the manifestation, they will change your desires and your preferances more than you can predict now. Remember that these dreams are not there for you to create physical things, they are there as a carrot to help you move forward towards more enlightenment, more love, more bliss and more freedom. So the dream is the carrot, and the changes you make on your way, that is the real price! What you truly want is not in the dream, but the expanded you that is created along your stretch to the manifestation of the dream.

That is why the dream is calling you. Not for the feeling of it, although that keeps you coming back to it, and not for the details, although they are fun to entertain. What calls you is the connection to your soul, the soul that entices you on your path to enlightenment so that you can become the One who knows true bliss. Your soul/inner being is calling you to move in tune with the dream so that you can change and expand, and become who you truly are. That is what you hear calling you, that is what tickles your ribs, that is what lights the fire in you when you think of the beach house. It is not the house, nor the family there with you, and not the details around the fireplace. It is the soul’s longing for you to remember who you are. To remember and to KNOW that you are Source, love, eternal and limitless. That bliss of being one with your inner being, truly understanding your worth and your part in the tapestry of all that is, that is what is calling you to the dream. That is why you go to it, again and again, to fuel the fire and the thirst within you that keeps you moving forward, reaching higher, and testing your boundaries. You know from your connection to your inner being that there is more, you can hear the calling, and so you reach reach and reach for the dream so it will help you move forward into the One you are.

The details in your dream will manifest when you are a match to them. If you change your mind as you walk your path, the details will change to match your new desires. There is no deadline on your creation. When it manifests it will be a perfect reflection of your vibration, with all the details included. If you later want other details, well then you just manifest those as well. There is no lack, there is only abundance. You can change your mind and recreate without any fear, for the energy simply relocates and changes to match your own vibration. Play with your dream, details or no details, linger in the feeling of it, and know that it is there to guide you to MORE. More of YOU. More of who you truly are. More love. More freedom. More abundance. It is all there in front of you, all you can dream of. But most of all the delights will come from the realization and the becoming of who you really are. For nothing can compare to the bliss of knowing yourself as a Source Being, at one with all that is, with Source power flowing through you effortlessly as you create and recreate what you desire. The longing for pure love is what pulls you ahead, for you have known it before and you will know it again. The journey is well worth it!


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