Some desires, like the desire for a new house or a new car, are “fun to have”. You might really, really want the house, but if you get a nice apartment you can still live a full and rewarding life. Then there are those desires that pulls at your soul. Because it is your soul calling to you. Because it is part of your essential purpose for coming here. Through this thing that calls to you, you will uncover the core of who you are. Through this longing inside of you, you will find the courage and strength to face the obstacles you must go through in order to reveal your true beauty. How else could you ever find the strength to face these obstacles? You would do this for one thing and one thing only. You do it because not doing it hurts so much worse than any obstacle course you could ever create for yourself.

So stop asking how you can get out of it, because you can’t. You can try over and over again, but each time you resist you will only feel more pain. Until the pain of not doing what you love tears you apart and you give in. It is a matter of time, not a matter of changing course, because you can’t. Sooner or later you will give in to this pull, this inner longing, and you will go with the flow. The longer you wait, and the more you resist the pull, the worse it will feel. You made your choice long ago, and denying yourself will only cause you pain. How much pain you are willing to take is up to you, but the result will be the same. You will give in eventually.

Knowing this is the path you will choose to follow no matter what, how will you do it? Can you find a way of relaxing into the inevitable? The more you resist this part of your journey, the worse it will feel, but it will not go away. You must go through it.
What you are facing now is the outer expectations that you have internalized. Do you want to be a follower or do you stand up and walk the path that is for you? Knowing you will have to walk the path, why are you still resisting? Imagine what all that energy spent resisting could create if you only gave in.
Yes you struggle. Yes some have it easier. So what? This is your path.
The pain of not living up to others expectations, not being responsible and getting a “real job” – does it matter? Why do you choose to believe in the old ways? Why do you continue to believe you must limit yourself? You know more now, yet you cling to the belief that you must conform. That you must please others.

You are not a burden. If you feel so that is a belief you must deal with. If others feel so, it is a manifestation for them, so they can learn to not take responsibility for others. Only you are responsible for you. If they choose to try to carry your burden, that is a lesson they must go through, and you have offered to be one of their teachers. What they learn is not even about you, you are simply a tool. If others are a burden to you, that means they are your teacher and you need to analyze and change that belief. Everyone is equally powerful. There are no victims. They create their life, and you create yours.

Your reflection, the mirror reality you have created is here to teach you what you need to change. What beliefs you need to change in order to get to where your soul is ready to meet you. You become one, and you are one with your inner being. That is still a journey you must make from here. You are on your path and now you must do the job of changing the beliefs that society has placed inside your head, making you believe these beliefs are also yours.

Can you see that your beliefs are not created to give you growth and happiness, it is created to make a society easily controlled by others. Can you see how you must rebel? Can you find value in what you bring to this world, outside of paying the bills?
Money is energy. You are energy. Love is energy. A tree is energy. Do not put your dreams in the hands of this one manifestation of energy!

You cannot see the path ahead for this simple reason: you are not supposed to. If you did not have to go through this phase, removing your identity from the idea of money and the worth of making money, you would not be able to handle what is to come. You must create your identity separate from money.

Who you are to others is not defined by you, but by them. By their needs, their perception of you, and by their beliefs. You cannot control who you are to them. You must be who you are, effortless and without apology. You were not created this way by a mistake. You are supposed to be like this, because this is the best edition of you ever made. You are at your peak. Of all the lives you have lived and are living, this one is the most evolved. You must live as who you are in this life. You cannot go back. Stop being the victim. You cannot undo your purpose. You must live this.


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