As my willpower battled and lost against a huge bar of chocolate, I sat there frantically chewing and thinking to myself (on this Equinox day and start of a new year) “I am so tired of this! I am so tired of losing control over myself and feeling powerless when faced with a bar of chocolate!”. This is not about the chocolate. I love chocolate. It’s certainly not about any diet. It’s about all those things in our lives that make us feel powerless. And how I’m tired of that feeling. Represented by chocolate.

Aren’t you tired of caring so much what others think of you? Aren’t you tired of feeling shame for events in your past, how you acted, something you said? Aren’t you tired of feeling bad when someone get’s upset over something you said with the best of intentions? Aren’t you tired of comparing yourself to others and feeling less than? Aren’t you tired of feeling not good enough, and constantly trying to be better? Aren’t you tired of failing to live up to other people’s expectations, and caring about their expectations at all? 

When we let the world outside of us be our compass, our Northern Star, we constantly walk around with a feeling of failure, of not being enough. Because we’re not here to live up to THEIR expectations. We’re not here to fulfill THEIR dreams. We’re not here to make sure everyone else feels good at the expense of ourselves. We’re all built and designed to fulfill our own destiny, and so our skills and talents are uniquely and deliberately created to supply us with whatever is needed in order to create and experience that dream. OUR dream, not others’ expecations or dreams.

We’re all background extra’s in someone else’s movie. We show up in thousands of lives. But the only life we get to be the main character in is our own. The problem is we can’t really fill that role if we’re busy focusing on how to support everyone else in their main role. By all means support those around you, definitely do that when you can. But your first priority and your main focus needs to be on YOU. That is the best way you can support anyone else. 

Everyone in existence has been created to fit into the great tapestry of Source Energy, called All That Is. In this creation there is only harmony and balance. Total and complete harmony between all parts, between the micro and macro, and between one micro and another. That means that we are all designed to be a perfect match to fill a gap in the puzzle. Each piece is unique and fills a gap perfectly to complement the other pieces of the puzzle. Each player in the game has a unique role to play, and a unique path to journey. All the other players’ roles and their paths all fit into each others journeys to perfection. PERFECTION. Because that is the design of this game. Harmony between all parts. So you see we are designed to follow our own path and our own inner guidance. Your desires are your inner guidance. Your desires are created from the potential that exists in your soul energy, and the desire you feel today is your future self calling you forward into more of your destiny. That destiny and that path is in complete harmony with all others parts of creation. 

This is why you must let go of trying to live up to anyone else’s expectations. You’re not here to fulfill their dreams. When you try to do that you take yourself off of the perfect path, and you mess up the harmony of the beautiful puzzle. Don’t do that. Aren’t you tired of caring what others think of you and your choices? Aren’t you tired of trying to please everyone? Aren’t you tired of trying to juggle it all instead of just taking care of your own path and your own desires? Aren’t you tired of feeling powerless and pulled in 100 different directions, or with no direction at all? Let it go. Let them think and feel and what what they want. You do you. Follow YOUR dream. Let go of trying to control their perception of you. It doesn’t matter. Only your opinion of you matters. Your opionion, your path, your journey. Follow YOU. 


Spiritual Guide

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