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When your vibration is in alignment with your true self you feel good. Positive and joyful emotions flow through you, and you sense this in your physical body. Joy and peace feel good, because it is in alignment with your natural state of being. You feel good because you are being in a state of love and acceptance. As a child you adopted certain beliefs that are now limiting you, such as “I am not good enough”, or “I should be different”, or “I need to work hard to make more money”, or “Life is hard, and we need to protect ourselves to stay safe”. These beliefs limit your exploration of life, because you limit the things you do and the people you connect with, because when you experience something that goes against your beliefs, you feel bad. This system is designed to help you see that you are limiting yourself, so that you can change your beliefs. But because most people don’t know this, you have instead adopted a system or simply trying to avoid being triggered. You limit yourself and live a smaller life, in order to not feel negative emotion as the result of triggering your limiting beliefs. In this way your beliefs limit you, and you will have to live a smaller and narrower life as time goes on, because as you expand your fears will expand too.

You are an energetic being that is constantly expanding, and so all parts of you will expand in unison. That means that when you expand, your fears and limiting beliefs will expand too, naturally, as they are a part of your energetic make up. The only way to counter this is to change the beliefs that limit you, and to let go of fear as you expand, so that you can continue to expand but simultaneously lessen the fear within you. In order to do this, you need to start feeling your emotions. You need to open up to the movement of energy within you, the energy in motion, the e-motions. 

Emotions are messengers. Your feelings are packages of information telling you what is limiting you and what needs to change within you, in order for you to be able to experience the things you desire and dream of. The way the system has been designed, you need to open the message and read it before it can move on out of your body. You have to feel the feeling, listen to what it is telling you, and accept it’s visit before it can move on out of your energetic and physical body. When you suppress or ignore your feelings, they have to linger, sometimes for decades, because you have refused to open the message. The emotion is stored within your field of energy, within your body, and every time you experience something that triggers the limiting belief it is here to point you towards, that initial message lights up. Every time you trigger a limiting belief, you also trigger the old feelings of this original wound, because you haven’t allowed yourself to feel the feelings when they first came to visit.

When you don’t know what to do with your feelings, or how to process them, they become an uncomfortable and unwelcome part of your life that you try your best to avoid. Some people are uncomfortable with intense joyful emotions, but almost everyone is uncomfortable with negative emotions. This means that most of the adult population is walking around with decades of suppressed emotions (messages) inside, and every day they do their best to push down again the feelings that force themselves up to the surface. How do you push down your feelings? By disconnecting from the vessel that delivers the messages: your body. If you don’t want anyone calling you, you turn off your phone. If you don’t want to read your emails, you do the same, including your laptop and iPad. Turn it off. Disconnect. When this vessel is the same body that you use every day to interact in this game of life, the problem is worse. Your disconnect to not have to feel your feelings, means a disconnect that shuts you off from feeling the other signals coming from your body too. You disconnect from the normal signals of hunger, fullness, and early signs of exhaustion. Because you are not used to listening to the body, due to trying to suppress your feelings, you lose touch with what the different signals coming from your body mean. You are no longer able to tell the difference between hunger and emotional needs, between being pleasantly full and being too stuffed. You don’t know what is hunger for intimacy or connection, and what is hunger for food. You don’t know how to separate a need for love and a need for chocolate. So you reach for chocolate, or a second helping of pasta, because the need is still aching in your belly. The food doesn’t help, it doesn’t satiate you, because your hunger is not for food but for love.

When you don’t understand the signals, you can’t nourish yourself in the right way. The needs of your heart and your stomach are mixed up, and the disconnect between head and heart creates a body that no longer feels like home. 


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