Your challenges show you how powerful you are. The contrast of darkness/challenge is there to help you see your own light. The dark allows you to see how brightly you shine. Through allowing the challenge to help you see your own greatness, you can keep on raising your own perception of self, into alignment with the perspective of you as the soul. Your challenges also allows you to reach higher and tap into more potential, through pushing you to change. 

You have the power of “All that Is”. You are the one Source. You are love energy in action. You are love energy moving through itself, exploring itself. The only power that exists is the power that you are. You are both the creator and the creation. That is your power, playing the game of exploring itself. 

Your unique vibration of this energy creates a unique collection of power. As the unique power that is the human being called “You”, you are also able and capable of tapping into the power that is “Source”. Why? Because the idea of separation is an illusion. There is no separation. Which means that the power is flowing with no limit or end into you, out of you, through you. The power of God, or Source, is flowing through you with no separation or boundary. As you are one with Source, the power that IS Source is also the power that is “You”. The perceived separation creates a perceived limit to what power you have access too. Through this perceived separation you create a limit to how much power you can access and use, making yourself smaller and weaker than you really are. Your perception of yourself as something less than, and separate from Source, creates an expectation within you of a smaller power. You limit yourself through how you perceive yourself. It is as if you have two functioning arms and hands, and yet you believe only your left thumb is working. You go through life only using your left thumb, making it hard on yourself, all the while you have the power of 9 more fingers, 2 hands and 2 arms at your disposal. You are so much more than you can imagine from where you are now. You are so much more. 

Currently you are living for the outside conditions, trying to control the outside, and living by the rules of the outside world. You are moving into an inner-led reality, where you will be guided by your inner desires, by your own perception of right and wrong, and fully stepping into your inner power, as opposed to the outer power you are now allowing to govern your life. Simply put you are changing from an outer power to your own inner power. The Divine Human does not need to be led by others, they are their own leader. You have always had this power within you, but due to conditioning you have not been aware of this power. You have not tapped into and utilized this limitless fountain of power, this endless well of energy that is your essence. 


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