You have to raise your perception of self in order to align yourself to the higher consciousness. The higher consciousness is not going to lower itself to meet you, YOU have to rise up to meet this part of yourself. You have to start seeing and believing that you are already this divinity that you call the soul, and all that needs to change is your perception. Remember that separation is an illusion. Work on self love and changing the beliefs that limit you, so that you can become a match to this higher consciousness. 

From Ego to Soul:

An important part of raising your vibration is self love. To love and accept yourself, as you are today, all parts of yourself included. To see yourself from a perspective of love, unconditional love. This perception is in full alignment with that of the Soul, your true self. You ARE the soul, you have simply trained yourself to perceive yourself from a lower perspective: the perspective of the Ego, or the perspective influenced by fear. Most of your life you have perceived yourself as lacking in some way, sometimes not good enough, or imperfect. This is the taught perspective of the Ego, and it is highly influenced by fear. It is also an illusion. You are the soul, you are unconditional love, and so to identify with the ego is simply you perceiving yourself through an illusion of separation. The illusion of being separated from Source/God allows you to believe that you are imperfect. This triggers fear in you and voila the birth of the Ego is here – you now perceive yourself from a place of fear and limitation. 

Self love means that you love your self, you love who you are. You see yourself from a perspective of love, and because the soul, you, are pure love, that love perspective is in alignment with the perspective of the soul. When you continue to use the perspective that is in alignment with love, you practice seeing yourself from the perspective of the soul. The soul is pure love energy. You are  the soul. Your true self is pure love. That means that when you love yourself and perceive yourself in alignment with love, you are moving your focus and perception into the energy of love. When you perceive yourself from the ego, seeing yourself in a way that is aligned with fear, you are literally placing your self identity within the bubble of fear, within the identity of the ego. In those moments you believe that you are the ego, you identify with the sensations and experience of the ego. The ascension journey moves your focus, your sense of identity, from the illusion of ego, and into once again identifying with the energy of pure love. You move your sense of identity from ego to soul. You move your focus from fear to love. You always have been pure love, you always have been the soul, but you temporarily identified with your fears, believing you are the ego. As you ascend and let go of fear, you realize that the fear is an illusion. It is not YOU. And you move your focus, your sense of identity, back into the sphere of love, where you once again remember yourself as the Soul, and you once again re-align with pure love. 

Your experiences in the state of Ego (fear) were not wrong. They are a part of the exploration of this lower vibrational reality, experiences that you wanted to have. You believed you were less than Source/God. Now as you move your focus and perception of self more and more into the energy of love, unconditional love, you will identify more and more with the soul. You will remember who you are. 


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