As Lightworkers, empaths, awakened or whatever you choose to call yourself it can be challenging to feel everything so deeply. At times the outside world is overwhelming. Here is a message about this:

You don’t need to cling to all this drama anymore. You don’t need to deeply feel everyone else’ sorrows. You don’t need to get absorbed in their drama or their high emotions or their opinions. You don’t need to save anyone, and you don’t need to sink to their level to help them. In fact, you can’t. The only way you can help them is by staying in the calm, centered space of balance. They will find their answers, not depending on you, but within themselves. You don’t need to give or provide them with anything. 
When you go from living a life in the drama, the high emotions of your own drama and the tangles of other peoples drama, to living from the stillness that resides inside of you, you will notice the difference. This difference can indeed feel like emptiness or a feeling of not caring. You did not all of a sudden stop caring, you simply stopped letting these feelings run your inner life. There is a difference in feeling your feelings, and identifying with your feelings. You can recognize a feeling, and feel it, as if a butterfly has landed on your hand, but that does not mean you are the butterfly. You are still you, just with a butterfly on your hand. As you know, and sometimes remember, a feeling is only a guiding post. It is not who you are. When you find this inner peace, this space of stillness, you are able to detach from the drama of life, being your own drama or others. This stillness becomes you new set-point, the scene where your life plays out.

You are a performance artist on the stage, in the play of your life, but most of all you are the stage. The part of you that is acting, is here for a short while. The part of you that is the stage, is eternal. This is the part that lets life unfold without trying to limit or control it. This is the part of you who enjoys and rejoices in every moment of both the sadness and the happiness. This is the part of you that can see expansion in every moment, every meeting and every act. 
When you live your life from the part of you that is the stage, the stillness, the eternal, the I AM, you find that nothing ever harms you. Nothing throws you off balance, nothing intrudes, and nothing wears you out. There is no end to who you are, no end to what you can experience or express. There is no end to your potential, no end to your time, and there is never any rush. There is never wrong, and there is never complete darkness. 
The transition from living as the actor to living as the stage can be difficult. You all have these set ideas of how you are supposed to feel, how you are supposed to be happy and how you should feel when encountered by the drama of your loved ones. This is all false, my dear ones. There is no should. There is no right or wrong. There is no benefit from you throwing yourself into their drama, not for you and not for them. You are not wrong for staying in the stillness, the stillness is who you are. You are not dead or wrong because you no longer feel off balanced when someone says something to you that might seem negative. You are not wrong for not feeling the ups and downs of the previous emotional roller-coaster. You are not wrong for staying in your peace while the world is in chaos around you. You are simply you. You are the stillness and the stage. This detachment is not wrong, it is simply a part of the thinning of the veil. You are becoming aware of the larger part of you, the stage, and so the actor is suddenly watched from the inside. 
Give yourself some time to adjust. Take a few moments each day to feel into what it feels like to be the stage and the watcher. Feel the balance and the security within the stillness. Let it embrace you, and see how it is good. Allow the real you, the larger you, the stillness and the space that is a part of you, to fill you up. Allow yourself to be still and see that this is also good and right, and life is just as precious lived from this point of view. Allow yourself to be the fullness of who you are.


Spiritual Guide


  1. This post resonated so clearly to me, just when I really needed it, thank you.

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