Just like the experiences you are having are fleeting moments being lived by you, the observer, so is this life that you are living a fleeting moment being experienced by Source.

Your thoughts and sensations, your feelings and your experiences in your world, all of this is being lived and experienced through the person you are existing as, and observed by your soul. Your soul, who you really are, is perceiving existence through the name and the body, and the ego of the image you chose to incarnate in. Your soul is seeing existence in thoughts and sensations through you, the person you are today.

All feelings, all thoughts, all sensations are filtered and perceived through this unique perspective. Your soul is in this moment experiencing creation through your eyes. It is experiencing itself through the illusion of a human being.

Why would we call you an illusion? You can see yourself in the mirror, and touch your body. How can that be an illusion? The illusion is that you are what you see in the mirror. Yes, the body, the flesh is as real as anything else. And your existence is no doubt also real. You really are here. But the belief that you are a human being, living on Earth, is only a tiny part of the truth. The narrow perception you have of yourself is called an illusion, because it is only one tiny part of the truth. The illusion is that this is all that you are. The illusion is in the limited perspective. Because you are a human being. And you are this person you see in the mirror. But the truth is that you are also so much more. The truth is that you are the one energy that makes up all that is. The illusion is that you are somehow less than, and separated from the One/Source/God. The truth is that you are All That Is.

Just like your soul is experiencing life through your persona, so is Source experiencing life through your soul. Source is perceiving itself through as a soul, and as an individual human being. The perception that you are a soul is also an illusion. Who you really are is Source. United, not separated. There is only One. That is the truth. Any individual perception is an illusion. It is real because you are experiencing it, it is happening. But it is also an illusion because the truth is that you are so much more. Anything less than the complete and whole united Source is an illusion in perception. The illusion is the limited perception. The experience is real because it is happening, but the perception is an illusion because it is limited.

All that is, is Source energy. All that is, is One. The separation is an illusion. But the experience is still valid and very much appreciated. Every experience of every human being, of every soul, of every part of creation is cherished and loved. Everything is real and happening. Everything is a part of the experience of the One. And the One is all that is. You can know the truth and still enjoy the illusion. That is what life is. You are eternal, so why not enjoy this experience?


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