All journeys happen within. You experience life as a series of events outside of you, but the truth is that it all happens within you. Yes, the events are outside of you, but the experiences all happen within. You perceive something, this creates feelings within you. 

These feelings are connected to your beliefs, your beliefs about YOU, because all in your reality centers around you. You are the one who perceives it all, you are the one who experiences it all, and you are the one who labels it all as good or bad, you are the one who feels it all. Your beliefs influence your perception, your perception determines your experiences. Your experiences influence your beliefs, and the circles goes on and on. You create your reality through your vibration, creating your perception and experiences through your beliefs. Your beliefs matter! How you perceive yourself, and what you believe about yourself, determines your experience of life, and what you create for yourself. You either accept yourself completely, or you don’t. And in between those two points are myriads of choices of perception, choices of experiences in this game of being human. 

The introduction of the belief of separation, the belief that you are separate from God/Source, allows you to truly know yourself/God through the experience of not being God. When you believe you are something less than perfect, you are buying into the illusion. When you believe you are something other than what you should be, you are buying into the illusion. The importance in understanding that your thoughts are of the illusion, is because this clarity allows you to let go of your attachment to these thoughts.

Your thoughts come and go, seemingly of a will of their own, but this is not who you are. You attract your thoughts based on your vibration, based on what you believe about reality. Your beliefs about reality are created from your beliefs about yourself. Everything in your life is based in, and created from how you perceive yourself. This means that a change in how you see yourself will lead to a change in your reality. The reality outside of you is dictated by your perception of self, and you control your perception of self. Through changing your perception of self, you manipulate and re-create your outside world. You are the creator of your life. You are the Master of your experiences. How you see yourself is constantly reflected back to you in your outside conditions, in the experience of your reality. If you want to change your reality, change your perception of self. 

Your past shaped you into who you are today, and that version of you is who is now on the leading edge of the ascension. Your challenges helped create a desire for more love and more light, for a better way of living. 


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