You have now made a decision to move forward in your life. You have made a grate leap of faith, and decided that you want more. You want better. You want more happiness and love, and in this action you have made it clear to yourself and the Universe that you are now ready to receive it. How exciting! How marvelous! You are finally deciding to cash in what the Universe has created for you and stored up in all these years! You are finally putting all your money on yourself, and making a change for the better, FOR you! Congratulations on your courage, on your act of love and self love, and on your act of expansion.

For that is what it is: expansion. You are expanding into the unknown. True expansion happens when you allow yourself to move into the unknown of potentiality, into the greatness that comes of letting go of control. When you take a leap of faith and trust that the Universe is indeed a loving one, you will be proven right! When you expect that things will be hard, you will be proven right! So which reality do you wish to be experiencing?

The Universe will always be a loving one, but your experience of it is completely within your hands. You choose which experience you want to live in, and you choose it by how you feel and act in this now moment. How you navigate in this now moment is what dictates your experience of the next now moment. How you master this now moment will create a new version of you that deals with the future moments.

If you choose to see yourself as mastering and succeeding in this now moment, you will create a feeling of confidence within you. This confidence will give you courage to deal with your next challenges with more ease and acceptance. As you deal with everything that happens with ease and acceptance, you experience a reality that is kinder and more gentle than what you experienced before.

This is an experience. What is actually now happening might be more challenging than what you lived in your past, but because of the new confidence and courage you have found within, you are now able to navigate your reality in a more “good feeling” way. This means that when things happen that you would previously have interpreted as bad or wrong, you will now be able to push through your fear and act upon inspiration, thus creating changes that feel good to you. From this confidence that you discover when you master your new life, you will line yourself up with a bolder and more joyous experience of yourself, and you will again expand into a version of you that is more aligned with who you really are. This new version of you has more courage and zest for life, she is more accepting and appreciative of who she is, and she enjoys her experience of life much, much more.

What you have done in your great leap of faith here, is nothing less of revolutionary. You have taken a leap of faith and are now trusting yourself and your own abilities of creation. You are proving to yourself that you do deserve more, that you are capable of more, and that you believe you will receive more! Even though this act feels scary and difficult in this now moment, it is in fact an act of self love! You are showing love and appreciation of who you are, and you are proving to yourself that you believe in yourself. You are showing to yourself that you deserve more. You are showing love to yourself and to the person you are emerging into.

The more you take of these leaps, difficult as they may be, the more you will discover your own strength and power! The more you push yourself, the more you will accept yourself. You will discover that even though you feel like you sometimes fail or make mistakes, you are still worthy of love. You must love yourself for trying, even when it doesn’t produce the expected or wanted outcome. As you are able to love yourself for trying, and love yourself through this perceived failure, you will come to see that the actual outcome was even better than what you wished for! You will come to see that you cannot make mistakes, because you turn every outcome into a success! You will come to trust yourself and your own powers, and through these ups and downs you discover how much you truly appreciate yourself. Through these trials and tribulations you discover how wonderful and amazing you actually are. Once you set yourself free to fail, you will realize that you actually always succeed. And once again these feelings of exhilaration and triumph will build confidence in you, and self love, to make you push further ahead into your next expansion. This time with more courage and more self love, and this time moving you into even greater conditions, showing you the reflection of the amazing wonder that you truly are.

You are moving towards the fulfillment of your desires, one leap of faith at a time, one failure turned success at a time.

As you move through these times of fear, it is important that you love yourself even when feeling bad. You can feel fear, and accept that you are afraid, and still love the one who fears. Through accepting the way you feel, the intensity and the emotions, and through loving yourself despite of your fear, you will show your children how to love themselves. They have their own fears and inner demons. Through this process of great fear and a perceived uncertainty, you can show them how to deal with their own fears. As you acknowledge your fears and emotions, as you feel them and express them with love as best you can, as you push through and do what you believe is right despite your fears, you show them how to move through life with more love and less fear. As you deal with your own demons, you allow your children to learn this new approach to life. By your acceptance of who you are, exactly as you are now, you show your children that they too are acceptable just as they are now. Prove to them that perfection is not to never make mistakes, but to love every part of yourself no matte the perception. You can love yourself even when you perceive yourself to not be good enough, and through this acceptance of what appears to be an imperfect human, you allow them to know that they are perfect in their own imperfection.

You can show them what love truly is. You can show to them that they are loved, as you are loved, and that they can allow themselves to love themselves even when they feel not good enough. You can show them that they are allowed to struggle and fail, and still be worthy of love. You can show to them that you feel fear, and yet you love yourself, because fear does not make you unworthy, it makes you strong and courageous.

Love yourself in every phase of this change, of this expansion. Accept that you have bad days. Accept that life feels scary. Know that this is just a phase, and that you will come out of it stronger, more confident, and more filled with love for both yourself and others. Show to your children that they too can be afraid, and still be worthy of love. Give yourself grace and allow yourself to feel the pain. Let it be what it is, and then know that it will pass. Pain is a movement within you. Feel it and let it go. It will come back in another disguise, and that is okay. Feel it and let it stay for as long as it needs to. Then let it go and move on to the next one. Nothing will ever stay the same. Accept this, and open up to the change that is coming. When you are in pain, know that it will go at some point. Allow it to be there for as long as it needs, and then allow it to pass when it does. For it will pass.

In every phase, accept yourself and how you feel. There is no wrong. There is only experience. You are experiencing life in a new phase, and you will change. There is only love and expansion to come. Be sure to notice your growth, and be sure to appreciate all that you master. Accept yourself as you struggle, and celebrate every little victory. For once you are on the other side you will look back and wonder how you ever managed to do all of it. You are truly a Master. Allow yourself to believe in the love that you are, and in the strength that resides within you. You can do this. You are doing this. Enjoy it!


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