Q/A to Laurel: What is the Divine Plan for me?

You are living your soul’s purpose. You are exploring, uncovering more of the truth of who you are, accepting more and more the being and energy that is you, and you are allowing more and more of the Oneness to be revealed to you. This unity of energy, the Oneness that you are will be more prominent in your explorations as you continue to move forward on your journey. The path you walk is being built as you walk it, and there is no predicting what the path will take you through as it makes it’s way forth in your life’s exploration.

Your desire to be of service is a strong calling within you. As you raise your vibration the act of service becomes more and more natural for you, and more and more in alignment with you other areas of exploration. For you, the service path holds great thrills. This is an area for you to dive into. As you offer your new services you will discover a depth in you that you were unaware of. The old part of you, the definitions you used to perceive yourself are no longer needed. The new you is a being with more freedom from the labels you have used in your past, and this freedom will allow you to tap into your inner power to a much greater extent. As you tap into the wisdom and power that is already there within you, you will uncover yet new ways of being of service. These ways of service are connected to your roles and place in society in past lives. You have had a place of authority and importance before, and you need to tap into that again in this life.

To hold authority is not the same as misuse of power. Power is not to be feared. When you are aware of your power and use it in alignment with your inner guidance there is no misuse. To step into the role you are meant to live in this life is to be a leader. You must allow yourself to step into this role as a leader without fear of rejection. What others think of you is out of your control. What you seek is in the path of leadership. For that to happen you must accept your power and the use of that power, and not fear how this affects others. People need to be triggered. You cannot control how others feel about you, or if they feel threatened by your power. For you to be able to fulfill your purpose you must not shy away from the leadership, but step into it fully, and fully accept your role in this awakening.

The fire you feel within is the rise of your power. You are calling yourself forth in order to step up. To step up to your natural and intended position. From a higher position you can help more people. From a higher position you can expand into a path of leading the masses. The individuals need the support of a group, and the group needs a leader. You are that leader, but for you to manifest yourself in the image of the leader that you are meant to be, you must allow your power to come into the physical expression. You must change your image of who you are, you must change your image of what a leader is, and you must allow yourself to create a new image of the leader that you can be. You must allow yourself the force and the power that comes with leadership, and not limit yourself by fearing your own inner power. Do not be the one that holds you back. Do not allow others to hold you back, for they do not know your path or your intentions.

Who you are is greatness. Who you are is courage and power. Allow that to manifest into a leader of the people. The time of playing small and safe is behind you. Now you go big. Step into the magnificence that you recognize within you, and be the leader you have always been. You are that one, and your oneness with all that is will help guide you in your leadership. This new phase of ascension need to be focused around oneness, and through your ability to connect with all you will make that focus happen. You have a unique ability to connect to other beings, including humans, and to create that pattern of connection for others to follow. You ability to connect allows others to find that connection between themselves, thus allowing the individuals to feel their connection to one and all. Use this ability, use your inner power, use your voice and your reach. Use your ability to connect and create a safe place for others to join hands, and take you role as a leader from the place of power that you hold within you.

Don’t shy away from your power. It is who you are.


Spiritual Guide

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