You feel insecure because you do not trust yourself. You worry what the future might bring, and this worry manifests into your now moment as insecurity.

You are enough. You are a powerful creator. You have always been enough. You have always been powerful. Even though it feels like you are not in control of your life, you are. You are in control in every way. You inner being, who you really are, is guiding you on your path, and you are doing everything right. You are expanding as you intended prior to your birth, and you are exploring who you are in a wonderful and expansive way.

When you walk in unfamiliar territory it will feel a bit scary. As you uncover more of who you are through the challenges you face in your life, you have to make peace with these new parts of yourself. You discover parts of you that you did not know about. Parts that you don’t know if you really want. You wonder if this is really you. 

All these new parts of you are parts that needs to be accepted. The reason you feel fear is because you have a definition of who you believe you are, and now that definition is being challenged. Realize that there are no wrong parts, no wrong or bad way to be. All you are is love, and every part of you is good and right. All you need to do is to accept this new side of you, and you will be able to see how it is beneficial. Your resistance to the changes in you is what is clouding your vision, making it seem like something is not as it should be. The illusion has made you believe you should be in a certain way, so when you discover these parts that do not fit in with the illusion, you feel fear. It is all part of the illusion. Who you are is all love. There is nothing wrong within you. 

Not knowing the future is a part of this challenge for you. Dealing with the unknown is a part of the challenge. No matter what you imagine for your future it will never be as you believe. The potential that lies ahead of you is built from the vibration that you are currently holding. But as you expand you vibrate a little bit different, a little bit higher, a little bit more love and less fear. This new vibration brings new potential and new possibilities for you future. As you change, so does the potential for what might happen in your future. As you become more love and less fear, the potential for you future becomes more love and less fear. That means that your future can only be more love and less fear. So you see, the future can only be more love and less fear, compared to what you are living now. As you keep expanding your reflection must follow. As you become more love, the reality that you live in must reflect this back to you. The reflection become one of more love and less fear, because that is what you have become, what you are vibrating. 

The negative feelings are more apparent now because the contrast between who you really are, love, and the fear that you feel is greater. As you have expanded you have become more love and less fear, and so the fear feelings seem more of a contrast now than before. You feel these feelings more intensely now because there is less of the fear than there used to be. The more you expand into love, the more sensitive to negative feelings you will become. The more you expand into love, the worse the negative feelings will seem, just because they are now less familiar to you. The contrast between how you normally feel (which is a higher vibration than before) will seem to be larger now that the fear pops up. You have changed, and so you feel like the fear is more intense. In truth the fear is the same, you are just more aware due to the contrast of vibration.


As you accept more parts of who you are, accepting not being in control, and accepting what is happening in this now moment, you create a future with more love and less fear. As you learn to accept more of who you are, you will feel more love within, and this again leads to more acceptance of who you are and of your life. It is a circle of never ending love expansion. The more you love, the more love you create. The more you accept and love of yourself, the more love your reality will reflect back to you, making it easier to love and accept yourself and your life. 

Remember that it is impossible for you to do anything wrong. It is impossible to make a wrong step. There are millions of paths to your expansion, and each one is equally good and right for you. What ever you do will be the perfect choice. Because you are already perfect. You can do no wrong. The insecurity is simply a reflection that you need to trust yourself and your abilities more. Look to where they got you! You are here, exploring a new way to live, as one of the leaders of this age and time. You are expanding rapidly in a rapidly expanding time, and yet you feel doubt. See the doubt as a proof of your sensitivity, and a guiding sign to trust yourself more. It is your inner self telling you to relax, telling you that you are good enough, and that all that is missing is your trust in yourself. You are more than capable, and you are doing just perfectly. There is no reason to doubt yourself. There is no reason to be insecure. You are a powerful creator, and this life is one where you are coming to know yourself as exactly who you are. If you already knew, you would never feel insecure. You would never feel fear again. So here you are on a journey towards fearlessness, feeling all kinds of funny and fearful feelings. But there is nothing to fear. Your inner being is always guiding you. Your team of helpers in the non-physical is always helping you. As a part of Source, you are never alone or helpless or without help from other parts of source. If you cannot trust yourself fully, start trusting your team of helpers. They are here for you, always and endlessly, and they never turn away from you. You are guided and supported in every moment and every way. It is impossible for anything to go wrong in your life. You are always taken care of.

As a part of Source, as one with Source, as one with all that is, you are the forever expanding love energy, and you are always taken care of. You are the energy that takes care of you. You are the source energy that flows through you and creates your reality. You are that force. You are never helpless or lost, you are the power and the energy that creates worlds. You are Source energy, you are God. You have nothing to fear. The fear is only part of the illusion. Step by step you can let go of the fear, and become aware of more of who you truly are. You are love. The energy that is all that exists. You are the one and only power. You are always safe, for you are all that is.



Spiritual Guide


  1. I came across your blog posts and I geniuently have to admit that your blog spekas to my heart and to my soul. I do not know what exactly it is but the energy just draws me in to connect with myself and your words. I am so so grateful for your channelled messages, they are so so on point and have a huge impact on me. I really do not know why I resonate so much with the energy you put out but I am so thankful. It reminds me of my power and my TRUE inner and outer beauty

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