You believe you are incomplete. You seek to fill the void within. This void is not real, it is an illusion, and so it can not be filled. You are the bottomless pit. You have discovered this, no? Whenever you fill it with food or new clothes, the minute you are filled you start to look for the next thing. As soon as you are full you are once again empty.

You cannot fill what is not there. There is no void to fill. There is no lack in you. You are already complete. There is no lack, no missing item, no loss of anything, and nothing to long for. You are longing for that which is already yours. You are searching for that which you already hold. You are asking of others (food, clothes, friends, experiences) what you already are. For you ARE what you seek. That which you seek outside can only be found within. In fact it is not even within, as you are one whole. There is no outside or inside, there is only the One.

You seek to know yourself. All you long for is to know yourself. That can not be found in bottomless pints of ice cream. Cheese is not what you truly desire.
You are the dog chasing your own tail.
The more you chase, the more you fan the flames of your desire.
You already have all the answers.
You already are that which you want to be.
You already know that which you search for.

No other can provide it for you. The search itself is doomed to fail. There is nothing to find that you have not already found.

For it is you. You search for you. The pleasure of being what you are is exquisite. That is what true love is. The bliss of your own creation. Not ice cream, not red wine, and not even new jeans. But the bliss of being you. That is your true desire. That is what you really are longing for.
But don’t you see this cannot be chased? You have to be still and let it come to you. All you need to do is be still and allow it to settle within you. For you already are it. Leave the illusion of the constant search. Leave the illusion of longing and desires for what is not already here. All you truly long for is to know yourself and to be the wonder of this perfect creation. But you cannot be IT while chasing the illusion. You cannot be YOU while chasing all others.

What you search for is you. To know you. To be you. Let all else go. Just let it go. You have one purpose and one purpose only: to be YOU.


Spiritual Guide

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