I find myself looking for approval from others. How do I get rid of the ego that needs approval all the time?

You don’t get rid of the ego, you accept it and make peace with it. The ascension is not about removing parts of you, it is about finding acceptance and love for ALL parts of you, so that you can own who you are and finally integrate all parts into you and BE the completion of who you really are. 

In your countless lives you have done horrible, gruesome acts. You have raped and murdered and been the torturer in countless experiences. You have also been the victim, the savior and the hero in many, many more. Who you are, who you have been, who you will be in other lives, it is all equally good and worthy. There is no part of you that is wrong or bad. There is no part of you that can not or should not be integrated, accepted and loved as the pure and loving essence of Source that you are. You are all of it, and all of you is love.

When you try to get rid of or resist certain parts of your being you end up creating more resistance. The more you push against a part, the more this part will push back and rebel. You cannot hate or ignore a part of you away. When a part of you is coming up to be recognized, this is a sign you need to embrace this part with more love. When a part of you keeps coming up like this, over and over again, it is because you have ignored this part for too long. You need to accept all parts of yourself. There is no wrong within you. And there is no shame in being human, that is why you came here. All your emotions and feelings are valid and needs to be acknowledged and listened to.

The need for approval from others is a reflection of your need for your own approval. Why do you need the approval of others? Because you refuse to give it to yourself, and so you have no other choice than to seek it from those outside of you. The pain in this is that your reflection can only be a mirror of what is going on inside of you, so when you cannot give approval to yourself you will keep getting this reflected back to you from the outside reality. The mirror cannot show you what is not already within you. Until you can give yourself the approval you need, you will never receive enough of it from your outside world. That just is not possible.

The need for approval is coming up strong because you are attacking the problem in the wrong way. Instead of stopping up to listen, and give yourself the approval you so urgently need, you chastise yourself for wanting approval in the first place. You add shame and “wrongness” to the need for approval, thus making your need for love and approval even stronger, because you now believe you are bad for wanting approval. Before you can push through your fear of what others think of you, work on discovering what you think of you. Why can you not give your approval to yourself? What part of you is so horrible that you cannot find it within you to love it? Why do you judge this part as wrong?

There is nothing wrong within you. The wrong part is the belief that there can be something wrong in you. You are clinging to the illusion of being wrong in some way, so that you can change this wrong part into right. If you can change into right then you will know for sure that you are finally worthy of love. If you can only do this one thing right, then, THEN you must surely be worthy? If you have to face the truth that there is no wrong within you, you will also be forced to face the fact that there is a possibility that you cannot fix yourself to be worthy of love. Do you see the confusion in your own beliefs here?

Let go of the idea that there is a wrong part of you. Let go of the idea that you need fixing. You were perfect all this time. You have never been wrong, you have only believed in the lie that you were. All of you is good and right and perfect. All you need to change is how you see yourself. You need to give to yourself the love that you seek from others. Approval is love. What you seek is love. You want others to confirm your worthiness. But this can never come from anything outside of you. The mirror can not create pictures on it’s own. You must create the image. You must create the love. You must create the approval.

From there you take your first step. From the surety and safety of your own love you can find the courage to take the first step into your inspired action. Once you can find it within you to love yourself, you will find the courage to face your fears. Because you know you are loved. Because you know you are worthy. Because you know you are already approved of by the only one who can give this approval: YOU. For you are all that matters in your reality. You are the one love that you seek, and only you can give what you need. You only need your love. That is all you need to move ahead.


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