You are constantly guiding yourself on your path forward, through your feelings and the experiences that you create in your outside reality that make you feel certain emotions. You are your own guide, just as you are your own creator, AND your own creation. That creation, and that creator, will constantly change. You are constantly expanding into more of your own energy. 

As you shift and change, as you raise your vibration, you will change. The identity you used to cling to in your past, will no longer fit you. You will be challenged to let go of your definitions of who you are, and of the labels you have used to determine who you are. Those definitions kept you safe. 

As we are now in the ascension process, you will create challenges for yourself in order to let go of those definitions, so that you can become who you truly are. You will create situations and events from a soul level, that are designed to help you become aware of how you limit yourself. These experiences will trigger you and make you feel uncomfortable, feel angry of fearful, and they will push you to either change your perception of self, or you will continue to feel worse and worse.  Your limiting beliefs will be brought to the surface, one by one, so that you can change and let go of that which limits you. So that you can let go of the false ideals of who you should be, let go of the mask of pretense, let go of trying to be like anyone else, and simply be YOU. 

The more authentic you are, the easier the ascension process will be for you. And the more inauthentic you are, the more resistance you will experience as you ascend. All in-authenticity must fall away as you raise your vibration, and the more you cling to your old labels, the worse you will feel. You, as the creator of your reality, will push yourself towards more authenticity, and push yourself to let go of all that is not in alignment with your true self. The Soul-you guides the Human-you into the realization that you are one. There is no separation between you and your soul, you are the soul. And this ascension is your process of rediscovering that. 

Following your inner guidance will build an inner trust in yourself. The more you trust yourself, the easier it is to hear your own inner guidance. The easier you can hear your own guidance, the stronger you will feel into what is right for you. The more you trust yourself, the easier your journey gets, because only YOU can know what is right for you. But that takes practice, and it means you have to start trusting yourself before you have evidence of being trustworthy. You have to take a chance on yourself. You have to bet on yourself. 


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