Q/A about free will:

Nothing is random. Free will is a part of the rules on Gaia, but this free will is countered by the plans that your Inner being is conducting into creation for you. You have free will, but you will always be operating within a certain window of opportunities that you Inner Being has created for you in order to steer you towards your ultimate exploration of who you truly are.

With the shattered focus that you all as humans have, it would be near impossible for you to find your way if not for the guidance from your inner self. You need a certain inner drive in order to find your path for exploration. You know that you have certain fields of interest that drives you in many, many lives. For you to be able to focus on your chosen path of interest in this life as well, you need the guidance of your inner self. You inner self will light the fire of those desires that She/He knows will push you in the right direction. Sometimes you uncover desires that just makes no sense to you. This is because it comes from the deep within. The deep within you is where your purpose emanates from, and this is your guiding star in earthly life.

Your team of helpers in the non-physical is not cut in stone. They change over time depending on what you need. There will always be a few that stays with you for all your life, but mostly we float in and out of several groups, giving out inspiration and nudges whenever needed. This team is all under your supervision, and was decided upon by you, in agreement with us that participates of course. We all love doing this, and the non-physical part of you is also now a part of several groups guiding your fellow humans. Some of these humans are in your life now, others are not.

Nothing is random, and your free will is important to you, we understand. It is funny to us to see how you cling to this belief of sovereignty through free will, but you so often forget how the true use of power is in your powers of creation. Sometimes you create manifestation events for yourself that seem to be the total opposite of free will. The free will manifests in the way of your ability to choose how you face the manifestation event. Your “control” by your inner being shows itself in the creation of the manifestation event, and in how it is impossible to avoid these events. Your life is a combination of both free will, and the seemingly forced upon you events, created by your inner being in order to help you remember who you are. In this way you are very much in control of your life, as you and your inner being are one and the same. Every random encounter or occurrence in your life is anything but random.

The co-creation is planned in the way of potential. Your inner being knows the potential, and co-creates together with others in your life who are eager to learn something from this planned manifestation event. For all potential outcomes or paths there are planned events. Your free will as a human then dictates which of these potentials come into actual manifestations in the physical reality. This is the cooperation of free will and pre-birth intentions. The cooperation of your human you and your inner being creates a unique potential, and the excitement on both sides lies in not knowing what the other party will do. So you see, the exploration of life is just as exciting from the non-physical as it is from the human perspective. We never know what you will do!


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